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Everything You Need to Go on a Roadtrip in 2020

There are tons of fantastic road trip routes to take in the United States. Whether you’re an experienced road-tripper or plan on taking your first cross-country journey this year, there are several essentials you should bring along for your...

There are tons of fantastic road trip routes to take in the United States. Whether you’re an experienced road-tripper or plan on taking your first cross-country journey this year, there are several essentials you should bring along for your expedition to make sure you can get the most out of your experience. Keep reading for a list of everything you need for a successful road trip.

A Reliable Vehicle

A non-negotiable for a road trip is making sure you have a suitable vehicle. Not only should your automobile be capable of driving long distances, but you should try to find one that is efficient on gas and comfortable to sit in for long distances.

If you’re on the market for a vehicle for your trip, consider getting an RV. RVs are roomy and have tons of amenities, depending on what you need. Some campers even have full-sized kitchens and bedrooms. Investing in an RV will allow you and your family to embark on roadtrips whenever the feeling strikes. It would help if you also considered searching RV extended service plans to make sure you have a cost-efficient RV warranty. Depending on your type of policy, a warranty will give you peace of mind in case you need RV repairs.

Important Paperwork

You should also make sure that you and all your passengers have all the essential paperwork with you in case you get pulled over or have any emergencies. You should have your license and registration as well as a copy of the auto insurance, any essential numbers you may need, and quick access to the RV or car’s manual.

Cooler with Snacks

To get to your intended destination on time, you might want to pack food and water so you can prevent the need to stop for meals. Save time on your journey and bring along a cooler (with ice packs) stocked with water, nutritious snacks, and things like premade sandwiches. Try to pack things that are easy to eat in the car and won’t make a mess or leave crumbs.

You can also pack reusable water bottles that you can refill when you do have to stop. Reusable water bottles will prevent extra plastic waste, and some of them come with independent cooling mechanisms so your water may be colder longer.

Personal Care Items

When packing for your road trip, you should bring along any personal care items that you use regularly. Pack toiletries like dry shampoo and soap to keep up with your hygiene while on the road, and don’t forget to bring toilet paper in case of emergencies. You should also bring any daily medication you need and essentials like sunscreen and bug spray to protect your skin.

Comfort Essentials

Since long car rides can get uncomfortable, try to pack items that will prevent discomfort. For example, blankets and pillows are excellent choices so you can lounge and take naps in the car, and sunglasses will help you rest if you’re driving through bright destinations.

You should also make sure you have comfortable clothes. Not only are comfortable outfits essential for a cozy ride, but you’ll need appropriate attire for any excursions. You may stop in a new town and decide to go shopping or rock climbing. Versatile clothing like girlfriend jeans will allow you to be comfortable in different scenarios. Girlfriend jeans are a good idea since they’re roomier than skinny jeans, but not as baggy as boyfriend jeans.


Since phones and cameras are often vital to vacations, you want to make sure you don’t run out of battery on your trip. To ensure that you can take as many pictures and videos as you want, be sure to pack any electronic chargers you need. For the gadgets that use batteries, it’s also a good idea to pack spare ones.


Long car rides call for plenty of entertainment options. Before your trip, curate playlists full of your favorite music. Download any music or podcasts you want to enjoy so you can listen to them offline. You can also bring books, games to play in the car, or any crafting supplies you can use while in a vehicle. Think of things you enjoy doing that will help you pass the time, and decide if there’s room in your car to bring them along.

Emergency Supplies

Another must-have for a long car ride is emergency tools. You never know what’s going to happen on a trip, and there are unique dangers that come with road trips. A spare tire and a roadside emergency kit are critical for any car-related emergencies. Depending on what climates you’ll be driving through, bring along appropriate tools like an ice scraper so you can be safe.

Stay safe and bring along a first aid kit in case anyone gets hurt while you’re exploring, and a flashlight for situations where you may be in the dark.

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