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Originally founded in 2018 by renowned influencer Quinn Queeney, Q Entertainment now reaches global readers monthly. We cover a variety of topics related to personal style and branding, fashion, entertainment, culture, media, as well as lifestyle and wellness. Q Entertainment’s mission is to help our readers define their best selves and achieve their personal and professional goals. We are the defining style and brand resource for those who want to look, feel, and perform their best.

Q Entertainment features a wide variety of topics for you to browse. We keep you updated on the hottest trends, often borrowed directly from your favorite influencers, writers, and celebrities. We are a creative and talented team of content strategists, trend experts, reports and editors, who work on the intersection of culture and lifestyle. We uniquely combine forward-thinking insights on branding and personal style with a strong expertise of content creation and concept development. The Q Team of experts and style innovators are here to inspire and inform. Learn more about our exceptional team below!

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