5 Different Types of Makeup Artists

Wait, there’s more than one type of makeup artist? And here you thought all artists just slapped on black mascara and a red lip and were good to go! Well, that’s the furthest thing from the truth, as there...
Wait, there’s more than one type of makeup artist? And here you thought all artists just slapped on black mascara and a red lip and were good to go! Well, that’s the furthest thing from the truth, as there are dozens of sub-genres of artists within the beauty industry. The global beauty industry is worth over $532 billion! Yes, b as in billions, not millions. To say it is a lucrative industry would be a gross understatement. If you’re thinking about heading into the industry for yourself, you may be curious as to the different types of makeup artistry possible. Here are five different types of makeup artists.

1. Wedding Makeup

The wedding industry is always in high demand as weddings happen year-round and the desire for beautiful makeup is one of the top priorities for the bride. Many brides look to create a personalized look for themselves and their bridal party. Therefore, no two weddings are alike, allowing for endless creativity and opportunity to build brand awareness by creating original content that your social media audience will be excited to see! In order to build a strong following, it is important to have excellent branded content marketing that connects you with potential clients.

2. Fashion Makeup

The fashion industry is what sets the trends, and the makeup used on the runway and in magazine campaigns is just as important as the fashion itself. Fashion makeup artists are trained to execute a full beauty look that is innovative and time-sensitive as the runway waits for no one. Working in the fashion industry is akin to extreme sports as the pressure is high and the expectations are even higher. Think of the likes of Kevyn Aucoin and Scott Barnes. These moguls have changed the beauty industry forever with their ever-changing styles and forward-thinking techniques.

3. Special FX Makeup

This particular area of expertise is utilized predominately in the film and TV industries. A great example of this is the prosthetics used in the Lord of The Rings trilogy and the Hobbit films. Special FX makeup specifically works to change regular actors into their larger-than-life film and TV counterparts and usually involves the use of prosthetics, which require a cosmetology license through a special effects make-up program.

4. Beauty Makeup

If you’re more of a glam artist with a desire to apply blush on the most prominent of stars, then beauty makeup is the future for you. Celebrities of all backgrounds are in need of a highly trained artist who can help them express themselves in the most glamorous manner. Sophistication in the entertainment industry is shown through the professional-quality work of the most in-demand artists. Many beauty makeup artists end up creating their own makeup lines sold in major beauty and department stores.

5. Pageant Makeup

No, we’re not talking Toddler’s and Tiaras (though there is definitely a possibility of employment through children’s pageants), we’re talking Miss Universe pageants. Beauty pageants require savvy makeup artists to glam up the contestants. The makeup look needs to last all day long and endure under the bright stage lights, while not overwhelming the woman, but rather showing her as her best self. To become an expert in the pageant beauty field, one must dive straight in and get their hands covered in lipstick and blush. While the southern states are best known for their love of beauty pageants, the industry is prominent across every state. There are many major beauty pageants that all have state delegates, so finding clientele is accessible no matter which state you reside. Who knows, you could have glammed up the next Miss USA!

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