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Your Legal Options When You’ve Been Harmed

Injuries from an accident, physical abuse, and even psychological abuse can have lasting impacts. Crimes, accidents, and human rights violations harm victims’ mental health. For many, physical and mental harm go hand in hand. When you’re harmed, you may wonder how to address your situation and whether you have legal options. Let’s look at legal options you can consider when you’ve been harmed.

Human rights attorneys can help you address human rights violations.


Human rights abuses include torture, but they also cover common occurrences. Human rights ensure the right to equality, for example. When people are treated differently because of their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, they may be victims of human rights violations.

Human rights attorneys represent individuals who’ve had their fundamental rights violated. When you hire a lawyer like Malliha Wilson, you’ll benefit from legal representation from an attorney with years of experience handling complex litigation. Malliha’s a senior partner with Nava Wilson LLP, where she handles human rights, constitutional, Indigenous, corporate, and labour law cases.

Malliha earned her undergraduate degree from McGill University and studied law at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School. After earning her law degree, Malliha spent more than three decades working for the Government of Ontario. She’s presented cases before the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Canada, ensuring she’s capable of preparing cases that reach the highest provincial and federal courts.

Malliha champions diversity and fights for inclusion. As your attorney, Malliha will use her legal knowledge to prepare a case against the people who’ve violated your fundamental rights. For example, if you’re an Indigenous person harmed by the police or have a family member killed by police, you may have grounds to pursue a human rights case. Talking to Malliha ensures you understand your legal rights to take appropriate legal action.

Personal injury lawyers will take legal action against the party who caused you harm.


Regulations ensure people purchase safe goods. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission strives to protect people from dangerous products and investigates safety concerns. When necessary, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issues recalls protecting consumers from harm.

Personal injury attorneys provide legal services to injury victims, including Instant Pot accidents. Instant Pots are pressure cookers that can malfunction and explode, causing severe burns, cuts, and electrocution. Talking to an Instapot injury lawyer is a crucial step if an Instant Pot has injured you. You’ll receive a free consultation, ensuring you understand your legal rights and your legal options.

Whether you’re consulting a personal injury lawyer because you were injured by a malfunctioning Instant Pot or were injured in a car accident, your attorney will investigate your case, talk to witnesses, and gather evidence. Your law firm’s legal team will prepare your case, ensuring legal paperwork’s filed with the court. Your attorney’s objective is to fight for you to receive fair compensation for your medical bills and any other costs stemming from your injuries.

A prosecutor can address harm from criminal actions.


Criminal actions harm millions of people every year. An assault could cause physical and psychological harm. Another person may suffer financial harm if burglars steal items from their home, and stalkers can inflict psychological harm on their victims.

Prosecutors are attorneys who present legal arguments against individuals charged with crimes. Prosecutors may work for cities, states, or the federal government. You may discuss your situation with a prosecutor and provide evidence to support a criminal case. Criminal prosecutors strive to protect your legal rights by ensuring criminals are convicted and sentenced.

There are multiple ways people can be harmed. You may turn to human rights and personal injury attorneys if an accident or human rights violation harms you. You may support a prosecutor’s case if you’re the victim of a crime and testify in court to help the prosecutor convict the person who caused you harm.

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