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Winter Renovation Tips From Real Estate Vets

Conducting home improvement projects in the dead of winter might not sound appealing. But in truth, the wintertime is one of the best seasons to start in on the upgrades that you will enjoy in the seasons to come....

Conducting home improvement projects in the dead of winter might not sound appealing. But in truth, the wintertime is one of the best seasons to start in on the upgrades that you will enjoy in the seasons to come. Winter renovations are often the brainchild of a homeowner with grand designs for the coming spring and summer months. Plus, it’s easier to handle some renovations over the winter months than in the spring or fall. It can make a big difference.

This year offers a perfect opportunity to create a new statement piece within your home as the coronavirus pandemic has shut us all indoors for the time being. As the vaccines are rolled out, and more and more people become inoculated against further infection, we will ride into the warmer months with greater overall immunity looking for an opportunity to stretch our legs and enjoy something new. An upgrade that can be enjoyed at home presents a fantastic option for this coming freedom from the pandemic.

Think about the kitchen.

Transforming your kitchen into a work of art is something that many homeowners dream of. The kitchen often sits as the central space within a home, and the energy of the room flows out through the remainder of the home. A bland or old kitchen style can bring down the mood across the home, whereas a kitchen that inspires can generate good vibes across your entire interior space. It all starts in the kitchen, so this is a natural place to consider upgrades to your home. Hiring a professional contractor is the best way to go when seeking out large renovation projects, but you can also do many kitchen upgrades on your own. Repainting the walls and staining your cabinets can breathe a new life into the kitchen without additional contractor hires. These can be done over a weekend or two or as a weeklong project for those in self-isolation.

However, if you want to go a bit bigger, many kitchens suffer from old tiles and countertops installed when the home was initially constructed. Replacing these with high-quality alternatives can give your kitchen a completely new feel that inspires you to create new culinary inventions and try out more adventurous recipes. John Foresi from Venterra Realty suggests that any homeowner looking to sell shortly should consider kitchen upgrades as well, as a pragmatic step toward infusing additional wealth into the property. A kitchen upgrade is one of the biggest draws for those scouring the property market for their next home.

Like those at Venterra Realty, realtors often bring their clients to these homes first because there is just so much to be excited about in a space with a kitchen upgrade. Granite countertops will often last beyond your own residence in the home, and they make for a stunning visual – it’s no wonder why so many people gravitate toward these luxurious qualities of life upgrades. As well, during a major renovation or selling opportunity, it’s important to remember to find a US storage unit to keep your belongings safe and secure. Removing personal items that are liable to breakage during these hectic times is the best way to preserve your peace of mind while people and materials are flowing through the space of your home. And for sellers, placing your belongings in a self-storage unit with high-quality security and climate control is the best way to help your realtor stage the home to attract the largest number of viewers possible.

Replace your windows early in the winter.

Muskegon replacement windows are a must in the northern climes during wintertime. Getting on this repair early in the winter is the best way to improve your energy efficiency during the most expensive heating months of the year. Aging windows are the primary culprit for heat loss during the coldest months of the year. The glass and its fittings to the wood or metal lose their ability to contain the heat within your home over time. Poorly aging windows are a detriment to homeowners everywhere, and they create an increased risk of damage due to extreme weather conditions. When the temperature begins to drop, make sure your windows are up to the challenge or get them replaced as quickly as possible.

Fun home improvement projects are a great proactive upgrade.

In areas where a pool is a common spectacle, you might consider having a water feature sunk into your backyard in preparation for the New Year and warmer weather. There are more than 10 million residential pools in the United States, and more homeowners every year are taking the plunge and building one to add fun and value to their existing home. As a homeowner in a warmer state, or even in the northern reaches of the country, the addition of a pool is something that can provide hours of fun for your family and increase the value of your home in spades.

However, it’s important to note that a new pool installation is best served when you include the safety features that are often standard within the industry. Older homes with pools may not have these built-in safety features and often turn off buyers with younger children. Many pools have pre-planned slots for a safety net or gate around the water’s edge and are not permanent fixtures. This way, you can cater to those with safety in the foreground and enjoy your new installation unencumbered at the same time. Building in these safety measures is just common sense for your family and those who might buy the home from you in the future.

Winter upgrades benefit from the ability to plan for the future in a way that other structural changes to your home cannot. When you plan a renovation in the wintertime, you know that the summer months lie just around the corner instead of renovations during the summer itself. Take advantage of this slower time to prepare your home and family for endless relaxation and style in the months to come.

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