Why You Need to Fix Your Broken Thermostat

When you’re feeling a little warm or chilly in your home, there is usually a fairly simple solution. You just walk over to the thermostat and turn the dial-up or down. You have the power to control the temperature in your own home. The heater and air conditioner are under your jurisdiction. But what happens when you lose your power just a bit? What happens when you turn that dial on the thermostat and nothing really changes? This could be a sign that you need a new thermostat.

It’s not uncommon for your thermostat to have problems or break down after a while. This is typically an easy fix, but it’s one you’ll want to take care of right away. Not only will this problem cause you discomfort, but it could affect your overall furnace or air conditioner. It may also drive up your energy bill without you even realizing it. Fixing your thermostat is an easy solution that will resolve a few different issues with your HVAC system. Here are a few of the main reasons why you should invest in this upgrade.

A broken thermostat can affect your whole HVAC system.

A broken thermostat may end up harming your heater or AC in ways you don’t even recognize. If you continue to change your temperature setting, switching between cool air and warm air can cause moisture or mold build-up. You may also cause your system to work twice as hard to maintain a regular temperature. This can force general wear and tear on your system, which may end up breaking down earlier than normal, not to mention the fact that a broken thermostat can cause your system to stop working altogether. A broken thermostat can make your home uncomfortable. If the furnace is left on, you can get insanely hot, or if the cooler is working overtime, you may feel like you’re freezing in your own home. Changing and updating your thermostat will just help your overall HVAC system function properly for your home.

It could be costing you money.

When your HVAC system is malfunctioning, it may end up running too hot or too cold. This may cause your energy costs to rise. If you keep turning the temperature up because the thermostat isn’t reading correctly, you’re forcing your system to work harder for the same result. Your energy bills are already a big part of your utility budget. Don’t increase these costs unnecessarily when all you need is a new thermostat. Invest in the small repair to save in the long run.

Replacing your thermostat is a fairly easy fix.

While it’s clear that fixing your thermostat is a necessary step for a comfortable temperature and functioning air conditioner and heating system, it’s also incredibly easy, most of the time. This is a low-cost replacement that you may even be able to do yourself. So, if the benefits of getting a new thermostat aren’t enough to convince you, the ease of the repair may be enough to motivate you to take that step.

Consider investing in a smart thermostat.

Many home HVAC systems are now transitioning to smart thermostat technology. This allows for new improvements to your indoor air quality. You can adjust your thermostat from anywhere, like if you wanted to turn down your AC when you’re on vacation or warm up the house before you get home on a blustery day, for example. Some smart thermostats may even be able to change the temperature in different rooms of your home. These are great tools for energy efficiency and can be great answers for you if you need a replacement anyway.

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