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When to Start Planning In-Home Care for Your Parent

Watching a parent struggle to do the things they once did can be difficult. As an adult child, it’s hard to know when to offer help and when to sit back and let your parent try to do things...

Watching a parent struggle to do the things they once did can be difficult. As an adult child, it’s hard to know when to offer help and when to sit back and let your parent try to do things on his or her own. But there also comes a point when it’s clear that our elderly parents need our help. One option for this is an in-home care and the great news is that it can be done gradually, making parents more open to the idea. If this is something you’re considering, read more to find out when the time is right to start planning in-home care for your aging parents.

Signs of Decline


It’s not always as easy as figuring out whether or not your loved one is senile to know when to call for help. While visiting nurse and home comfort keeper programs are great solutions to keeping your parents at home, making the decision about how to handle your parent’s care can be complicated. If you are seeing signs of decline, start the planning now.

Some common signs of aging are just that—normal. They aren’t anything major to worry about and it’s likely that your parent or parents can manage on their own. If you are beginning to worry, consider first checking in on them more regularly. If this means stopping over for weekly visits or dinners, it will be a good way to keep an eye on them. If you live across the country, try regular phone calls or Zoom meetings.

Listen for cues in their stories about their day. Are they talking about falls, having trouble bringing the groceries in or having no real struggles to report at all? All of these may be hints about how they’re really doing. Either way, you want to begin thinking about your plan now.

Trouble with Daily Tasks


If your parent struggles with daily tasks, it’s likely time to help them get some level of in-home care. This could be as simple as someone to check in on them once a week or more intense like the in- home care services in Beaverton, OR. Agencies like this will be happy to talk with you or your parent to decide what level of care is appropriate for now. The nice part about this is that the sooner you get an agency connected, the easier it will be when care needs increase. A trusted relationship will already be established and you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep knowing your only next step is to ask for more hours due to the increased level of need.

Inability to Drive


For elderly parents who don’t need medical care at home, there are other services that may be important to start planning now. If your parent or parents can’t drive, it’s time to consider hiring someone to help with outside errands. While they can order groceries online, they will need help with transportation for things like medical appointments and more. Before you send them to Uber, there are agencies that specialize in working with seniors to provide just this service. Look into these and other transportation options.

Confusion or Memory Difficulties


Often described as a fog, some memory issues and confusion are natural signs of aging. While they could point to something more serious, if you’ve noticed your parents or parent getting lost, it’s time to get help in the home. From being disoriented at night to forgetting to turn a stove or appliance off, confusion and memory problems can become serious safety concerns if people who suffer from this are left entirely alone. If this describes your parent, consider attending a doctor’s appointment with them soon.

Whatever your situation, as your parent’s age it’s important to stay informed about the various hazards and concerns that may befall them. There are help and information out there, and with the right know-how, you can be ready to enjoy your loved one’s golden years together.

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