What Features Do New Furnaces Have?

Modern furnaces are equipped with innovative features. They’re uniquely engineered for optimal efficiency, and best of all, users can enjoy substantial savings on their utility bills. Are you contemplating purchasing a new furnace but don’t know what to look for? Not to worry; we’ve got you covered. As you know, all furnaces are not created equal and vary depending on price, functionality, energy efficiency, fuel, combustion type, and insulation variables. Nowadays, modern furnaces are equipped with state-of-the-art features that make a difference. Read on to discover some features that new furnaces have.

AFUE Rating


An efficient furnace translates to reduced fuel costs and increased savings. No wonder people are in the market for a high-efficiency furnace. Essentially, a furnace system’s efficiency is determined by its AFUE rating. AFUE is an acronym for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. Standard oil furnaces usually have an AFUE rating of 80 percent, and thanks to technological advancements, new furnaces have a variety of exciting new features. No doubt, a new furnace has a higher AFUE rating, which boosts the system’s efficiency.

HEPA Filters

An air filter is a critical component of an HVAC system and works to purify indoor air by reducing airborne contaminants. New furnaces are outfitted with factory-fitted filtration mechanisms, and these days, the best furnace comes with HEPA air filters to improve indoor air quality. HEPA is a commonly used acronym for high-efficiency particulate air, and when placed in a furnace system, a HEPA-grade filter can eliminate 99.97 percent of particles from the air. Remember that the HEPA filter can’t function optimally if overloaded or dirty, so try to clean and change the HEPA filter periodically. Alternatively, you can hire an HVAC contractor to clean ducts.

Noise Reduction Technology

Notable furnace manufacturers are increasingly looking to incorporate innovative technological solutions to minimize operational noise from their systems effectively. Keep an eye out for a natural gas furnace with state-of-the-art noise-reduction technology. Major furnace brands have patented trademarked technology that gives them a comparative advantage over their competitors. Lennox furnaces, for example, feature Lennox’s SilentComfort trademarked technology. The system is designed to minimize conventional furnace operational noise.

Variable Speed Blowers

Most older furnaces rely on single-speed or multi-speed blowers to circulate hot air around the indoor environment. These old units with these types of blowers are prone to occasional wear and tear, considering that they run at full speed at all times. Moreover, a furnace that runs at an optimal level for a prolonged period will experience high energy consumption. New furnaces feature the latest heating technology like blowers, which help push heated air through the furnace. Unlike single-speed or multi-speed blowers, variable-speed blowers provide consistent, high-level heat when the temperature outside drops.

Variable speed blowers give users greater control over hot air circulation speed, and regardless of the weather, you can create a conducive and comfortable environment for you and your family members. So, if you want a long-lasting furnace with a low energy consumption rate, a furnace with a variable-speed blower is your best option, as it experiences less strain and uses less energy.

Programmable Thermostat


Advancements in technology have made it possible for homeowners to remotely regulate the temperature of their furnace system. This feature is a viable alternative to older furnace systems that only allow manual temperature adjustment. The downside of owning an old furnace is that anytime the user forgets to set the temperature, it can cause great discomfort in the home and significant energy waste. So, when buying a new furnace, opt for a system that is compatible with smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats are vital for ensuring the smooth operation of the HVAC equipment. Specifically, smart thermostats let you preset the furnace to your preferred temperature and have continually evolved in terms of efficiency and functionality. Most programmable thermostats feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced remote control.

Modern furnaces have all the high-end features you need to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. If your furnace is starting to show its age, consider installing an upgrade.

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