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Top 5 Best Cam Sites of 2020

If you’re looking to upgrade your masturbation game, using a cam site is one of the best ways to pleasure yourself. Live cam girls are responsive and personalized, helping you fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies and offering you the chance to masturbate using less imagination and more titillation. That being said, there’s definitely a wide disparity in quality and legitimacy when it comes to looking at different cam sites.

In 2020, thanks to the pandemic, a wide range of cam sites have popped up to try and capitalize on an increased need for sexual fulfillment during self-quarantining measures. As PUA Training points out when discussing a roundup of cam sites, “99% of these cam porn sites are fake,” and the ones that aren’t fake try and sell you on models that just aren’t worth your money. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the top five best cam sites in 2020.

1. Camonster

Perhaps one of the largest websites for cam girls in the world, Camonster is on this list for a reason. With absolutely stunning models and great customer service, you really get what you pay for when you become a member of Camonster. There are even more exciting webcam shows that use variations on a few different games, including a spinning wheel game that really ups the anticipation in the live performances.

2. IM Live

A big benefit of IM Live is the ability to take advantage of a membership bonus of $50 worth of digital tokens to use to check out the models on the platform. From strip shows to vibrator shows, there are dozens of beautiful young women on this platform who really know how to work an online video. Best of all, sometimes you can even run across an actual pornstar on IM Live, which gives you the opportunity to really experience someone who knows what they’re doing in front of a camera.

3. Chaturbate

You’ve probably heard about Chaturbate, and as one of the only free options on this list, it’s definitely worth looking into. That being said, some users seem to agree that Chaturbate has much better features than it has high-quality models. Certainly, if you’re paying money to see cam girls, the level of quality is going to improve when it comes to attractiveness and the excitement you experience in a live cam show. That being said, there’s a bit more give and take between what you’re watching and what’s going on in the chat feed, so if you’re fine going with the flow for free, Chaturbate is still worth taking a look at.

4. My Free Cams

Your first impression when you head to My Free Cams will probably be that it looks like an outdated relic from the early 2000s. Even though My Free Cams does look less slick than some of the paid platforms on the list, it still has a wide range of models who are worth looking into. Especially since you can filter by popularity, it’s easy to find cam girls who’ll tickle your fancy.

5. Cam Lords

One of the biggest selling points of Cam Lords is the fact that it works great on your laptop and your smartphone. If you’re tired of having to figure out where to put your laptop in your bedroom in order to have a great chat with your hot cam girl of choice, Cam Lords is a winner just because your smartphone is far less cumbersome than a laptop. Cam Lords features a lot of different amateurs performing a wide range of sex acts, so if you’re interested in private shows or kink, you’ll likely find someone to watch who can really put on a performance.

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