Tips for Improving Your Mood

Kids, adolescents, and seniors alike have all been put through the wringer this last year and a half. The Coronavirus showed up like a literal monster out of a horror novel and unleashed havoc upon our beautiful planet. People...

Kids, adolescents, and seniors alike have all been put through the wringer this last year and a half. The Coronavirus showed up like a literal monster out of a horror novel and unleashed havoc upon our beautiful planet. People were forced to bid farewell to the normal flux of life, and instead settle into a drawn-out period of time that involved seeking shelter in quarantine caves.

Eventually, though, all of that suffering gave way to an encouraging series of months that ultimately resulted in people being able to embrace the light of the outer world yet again, as vaccinations became more readily available. That’ll be a summer like none other. However, you want to make sure that you’re able to enjoy each summer day fully by doing what you can to optimize your mood. You very well might’ve picked up some great habits for self-care during the time of quarantine.

Maybe you started up with group therapy, became a dancer through enough online classes, found a support group, or finally settled on a medication that’s right for the kind of chemical imbalances you have to weather. There’s always room for more strategies to improve your mood though. Let’s take a look at what some of those methods are.

1. CBD

CBD continues to climb the totem pole in the health and wellness scene. CBD has been praised by many avid users for its ability to promote further balance and even a heightened sense of optimism in one’s life. You’ll want to do your research on exactly how you want to consume CBD.

You could enjoy consuming your CBD in liquid form through a dropper that’s able to mix the CBD with your favorite drink. Other folks let their sweet teeth out to play and stock up on the CBD gummies. Seriously, there are a ridiculous amount of delicious flavors available nowadays when it comes to CBD gummies.

You might find yourself wanting to try out some pre-roll CBD joints though. You’ll want to make sure that you have your preroll tubes. Preroll tubes will allow you to easily and safely transport your precious CBD joints with you when you’re on the go. With quarantine summer getting underway and places opening back up, it’s not beyond reason to suggest that you’ll find yourself at many an exciting restaurant, park, and bar.

2. Meditation

Meditation’s been hailed as a great way to gain a better grasp on your mind’s workings, which can translate to an improved daily experience for you. Through a meditation practice as simple as carving five to 10 minutes out of your day to mindfully cover each of your breaths in awareness, you’ll quickly gain a profound insight into your various thought patterns.

The moment that you’re able to better familiarize yourself with your thought patterns, you’re able to put space between your awareness and the thoughts themselves. That space is where your peace of mind resides. With enough meditation under your belt, you’ll find that you have so much more energy to complete your day’s tasks joyfully because you haven’t sunk all of your attention into future-tripping or reliving past memories. On top of all that, meditation can even lower your blood pressure. We can all benefit from some lowered blood pressures and improved work efficiency.

You can also experiment with pairing meditation with therapy. The two work beautifully together because meditation works wonders for unearthing buried memories, and therapy’s a safe place to work through those memories. If you’re looking for a great place for group therapy you can always check out Berkshire Therapy Group.

This group takes a data-driven, personalized approach with their patients. To make matters more encouraging 54% of the people that used Berkshire Therapy Group were satisfied with their treatment, and 80% of the people found it useful.

3. Dance

Most of us that have enjoyed a night out on the town have found ourselves at one point or another being subject to encouragement from excited friends to hit the dance floor. There’s something about dancing that effortlessly translates to an improved mood. Dancing’s a positive and healthy way to release all of that tension that could’ve been generated by a string of exhaustive days at the office chasing the next paycheck.

You can even find yourself leaving the dance floor after a few songs with a surprising youthful air of freshness about you. If you need to build up your confidence before you show the rest of the world your dance moves, you can always look into one of the many workout/health apps that offer online dancing classes. Or if you’d prefer an in-person experience, definitely look into what’s being offered with the dance classes in Hillsboro, OR. There’s something about the positive energy that’s naturally generated when you bring a bunch of like-minded dancers into a studio together. It’s a captivating thing.

With that, we’ve covered a few helpful and easily adoptable tips that you can welcome into your life to improve your mood. A key thing for you to remember as you go about proactively working to elevate your mood is that patience is key.

You can’t force a good mood. The moment that you try to fake happiness is the moment that you put a barrier between yourself and that organically enthused mood that you desire. You simply need to incorporate practices into your life that have been proven to result in a good mood, and then patiently wait for nature to take its course.

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