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Tips for Designing a Custom Engagement Ring

You’ve made up your mind and intend on asking your partner to marry you. Congratulations! The next step can be an exciting one that goes the extra mile from hitting a retail store counter and picking up an ordinary...

You’ve made up your mind and intend on asking your partner to marry you. Congratulations! The next step can be an exciting one that goes the extra mile from hitting a retail store counter and picking up an ordinary ring. If you’re looking for ways to make the engagement as special as your sweetheart, consider building your own custom diamond engagement ring. While it may sound like a lot of trouble with too many areas to go wrong, think again. Designing a custom ring can be fun and could be exactly what makes your engagement all the more special. For ideas on how you might go about designing a custom engagement ring, read on.

Making Plans and Soliciting Feedback


Soon enough, your spare time will be spent ticking off things on that special checklist for planning your wedding. Long before the big day, you’ll want to start thinking about that proposal. The first step in proposing in a way your partner won’t soon forget is in buying the perfect ring. There are many ways to go about this. If her family knows your intentions, you’re in the best possible shape. Go to her mother, grandmother, sister, friend, or another relative she’s close to and tell them of your intention to design a custom ring. You might be surprised by what happens.

If your future bride’s close to her family, they may just offer up family heirlooms or other special jewelry. Using emeralds from her grandmother’s old bracelets or a diamond from her aunt’s favorite set of earrings could be a way to make her ring extra special. Ask her family what they think she’d like. Maybe she’d enjoy a ring with your birthstones somehow entwined. Find out of she’d prefer rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, or even sterling silver or platinum. Knowing these things ahead of time will save much time at the jewelers.

Juggling Responsibilities and Following Up


If you find yourself busy dealing with home repairs while you’re working and don’t know where to begin with all the responsibilities while also planning a proposal, get organized by setting up an appointment with a jeweler who specializes in fine jewelry, custom jewelry, and jewelry repair. Explain in the best detail what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a special engraving or gemstone color palette that matters to you most, make it clear what kind of ring you want. Take precautions with your budget in making it clear how much you can spend and ask the jeweler to give you updates as they move along in the process of building that perfect ring. This will give you not only peace of mind but a better idea of the right time to plan for that surprise proposal ahead.

Communicating Your Vision and Confidence


In the same way that you and your bride will soon be busy planning the wedding ceremony, colors for bridesmaid dresses, how to hire a DJ, color schemes, and hiring a wedding planner or videographer, you’ll also want to stay focused on the ring. If you live in Tuscon, Arizona, for example, you’ll want to consult with your jeweler regularly to ask about the amount of time the ring will take to be completed as well as the planning process. You can also ask if that Tucson jewelry store can come up with custom wedding bands too!

Once you finally have that one-of-a-kind ring in hand, don’t look back. Whether you went with princess cut, marquis, or came up with something entirely different like an infinity symbol, remind yourself that she’ll love it simply because it was you who went to the extra length to design it. Hide it away and take a deep breath. Before it’s time to start worrying about rehearsal dinner locations, there’s a proposal to get through. By the time you get to the rest, you’ll have her forever by your side to plan with you.

In the end, your partner’s sure to love the ring you pick. The thought you put into the ring, proposal, and other engagement rituals will go a long way in setting the tone for a special beginning. Take your time with this and remind yourself that your partner’s worth it. You have a lifetime together and this first step will make a big difference.

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