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Surviving NYC: Tricks to Getting Around When You’re a Newcomer

New York is enchanting and calls out to many as the “city that never sleeps.” If you’re a newcomer, navigating the Big Apple can seem almost impossible. There are over 200 numbered streets, which can all run together in your head if you’re not careful.

Don’t let the challenge scare you away. There are more than a few manageable ways to get around and survive in New York. Whether you’re a newcomer because you’ve come to chase the American dream or are just passing through for a weeklong visit, here ere are a few tricks that will help you pound the pavement like a real New Yorker.

Wear your New York “costume”

If you want to successfully navigate New York, you’ve got to dress the part and blend in. New Yorkers have a certain “je ne sais quoi” surrounding their style, and sticking out like a tourist is less than ideal.

Tourists don’t have the best reputation in New York, so blending in as one of their own can significantly change the way you’re treated in shops, restaurants, and on the streets. Fashion trends are hitting New York before disseminating into the rest of the country, so maybe follow some New Yorkers on Instagram, and try to emulate one or two of their looks. You can never go wrong with a pencil skirt and button-up blouse. Check out high-end, but affordable stores like White House Black Market for either inspiration or maybe even a full outfit. You’ll be looking New York chic in no time.

Know where to get care in case of an emergency

Doctor appointments can be harder to come by in the big city because there are so many people. A moment might arise where you need to be seen quickly by a medical professional. In that case, consider looking into the walk-in medical services in Staten Island, NY. Richmond University Medical Center can offer you speedy and reliable medical care without an appointment. They have an extensive list of services they can perform including, but not limited to x-rays, blood work, and EKG/ECG tests. Staten Island isn’t very far from Manhattan, and getting the speedy medical attention you need may be worth the trip.

Google Maps is your best friend

Getting around on the subway system may seem daunting, but it’s really the best way to navigate around the city. Since the streets are clogged with traffic and taxis, it’s much better to go underground. Yes, there are so many lines to take and transferring can get confusing.

Thankfully, Google Maps has your back. If you type in where you need to go, Google will use your location to give you specific public transit directions. It will show you how to walk to the train, which lines to get on, and in what direction. As you ride, you can follow along with which stop you’re at, so you never miss your transfer.

Eventually, you won’t need to check Google every time you go out, but there is definitely a learning curve. If something is confusing you about your Google directions, you should ask someone who looks like a local. (Or download CityMapper, it’s just as efficient!) You might be greeted by some New York attitude, but more likely than not, they’ll be happy to help. Just keep your question short, because the city is always moving at a rapid pace.

Now that you know a few of the tricks, you’ll be ready to navigate the city like a pro. Remember, before you head to the city, go on a little shopping adventure, so you’re up on the latest trends, make sure you know where to get medical attention should you need it, and use Google’s street smarts to get around by foot. Above all, have a great time living it up in New York.

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