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Strip Club Guide: Common Mistakes Guys Make at Nude Bars

Who thought you could make mistakes in the strip club? Sometimes it’s not all booze, lap-dance, and hot girls. There is a general rule of thumb to nightlife. And only the buddies who have learned it along the way...
Who thought you could make mistakes in the strip club? Sometimes it’s not all booze, lap-dance, and hot girls. There is a general rule of thumb to nightlife. And only the buddies who have learned it along the way can enjoy the complete vibe that comes with adult entertainment. If you want you and your buddies to have the best strip club experience, here are some mistakes to avoid.

They don’t research the club culture.

Every strip club has its own culture. Brisbane’s Vixen and the likes have a long history in the U.S. On any given day, loyal patrons need not say much for a stripper to get the message. If it’s your first time, adopting the habit of background checking can save you many rookie mistakes. A quick Google search for titty bar girls in New York, Las Vegas, or any other city you’re trying to have a great time in helps a lot. You can zero in on the reviews and recommendations to furnish yourself with all the cheat codes. Alternatively, you can look to see if they have an online community. Note that many may require VIP membership.

They bring their girlfriends or other random guests.

A nudie bar is the worst place to host an uninvited guest. At the hottest hour, when a stripper has your boner at its helm, the last thing you may want to hear are irrelevant questions like “when are we going home?” Unless your girlfriend is a nightlife pro and the world’s best girlfriend, it’s advisable to leave her at home. Only consider taking her along if she insists. This way, you can both agree on the dos, don’ts, and need to overlooks even before you file past the bouncer. Taking an uninvited guest to the titty bar only mars the experience. The naked women will be the first to know, and their resort will always be to sever the attraction.

They fail to read the rules of the club.

There is a sacred language in the strip club. Everyone is there to get lit and forget the realities of this harsh world. No one has time to spare for questions. Certainly not the beautiful ladies who enjoy eating greenhorns for breakfast, lunch, and supper. It’s safe to say the strip club is the only place where the new customer is not any more special than a pro who knows how to exploit the game. The earlier you know this, the better. If it gets very tempting, you can trust the booze to lead the way, and you won’t be surprised.

They tend to ignore other staff members.

Often, the most underrated and rudely treated people in the strip clubs are the bartenders and waitresses. But these people can be very crucial if you want to enjoy a high-standard strip club experience. They might not be in bikinis dressed for the pole. But they know everything. From the best girls to get the job done to the pro moves that can get your name in a hot stripper’s good books forever. If you treat them right, they can guarantee you a good time. Not many people know this. But whether you will enjoy your strip club days or not only boils down to the stripper working it out.

They often think VIP rooms are for sex.

Being in the strip club doesn’t come with exclusive rights to strippers’ bodies. No matter how expensive the VIP treatment is, you don’t overstep until you’re certain of the green light. And VIP rooms aren’t always that great. It works best for unconventional business meetings and if you’re too shy to get dirty. Often the real fun is in the open. That’s where all the talents reside. And that’s often the hotspot for seasoned patrons who know how to cheer and keep the experience a buck.

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