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Simple Ways To Personalize Your Living Space

Our homes are our safe places. They warm us when we’re cold and shield us from too much heat. With Valentine’s Day coming up in the middle of a pandemic, they may just become our romantic getaways too. If...

Our homes are our safe places. They warm us when we’re cold and shield us from too much heat. With Valentine’s Day coming up in the middle of a pandemic, they may just become our romantic getaways too. If you’re looking to personalize your space for this upcoming season of love so that you can get caught up in a second honeymoon, or even just because you crave a more personal touch, read on.

Heating and Cooling Needs


These days, most of us spend more time than ever in our homes. If you’re like most, you find yourself looking to personalize your comfort in every living space in your home. If this is the case, don’t make the mistake many others do in overlooking the first step towards making your home into a climate-controlled retreat. Whether your home has a conventional HVAC system that needs maintenance or you have a ductless unit that needs new installation, attending to home heating and cooling is the best way to set yourself up for everything from the daily routine to intimacy. How can you be comfortable if you’re not warm and cozy, right?

Heating Up


Tired of the same old tired routine? Maybe a year’s worth of social distancing and shutdowns means a fresh start for your home sex life in the new year. If you’ve considered revamping your sex life and have those temperature controls in your home all fixed up, it’s time to take the heat to the bedroom. The same way we’re in a long-term relationship with our homes, it’s good to remind ourselves that our spouse or partner needs regular attention, too.

Personalize your bedroom space in a way that makes your room feel like a second honeymoon. You could even take foreplay into the planning. Grab your partner and make time to plan the perfect date night. Personalize your bedroom with fresh flowers, new pillows, and your favorite snacks. Find your favorite movies or turn the television off altogether to make time for emotional intimacy.

Other ways to personalize your bedroom space include new bedspreads, pillows, and a fresh coat of paint. Even more affordable changes can go a long way in making your bedroom seem fresh and new. You might even have better sex in a room that doesn’t remind you of daily life, chores, or chaos in the outside world.

While you’re fixing up your bedroom, don’t forget about lighting to set the mood. From candles to string lights, you want to make your room a place not only to relax but to escape into with your romantic partner fora great time together.

Cooling Down


Let’s face it, for as much fun as it can be to spice things up, most days at home are about chilling out. If you hope to personalize your space in a way that helps you unwind and relax, a great way to do this is to give your home an affordable makeover. Turn that air conditioner up and plan out weekends for upgrading or even changing around other rooms.

Life gets messy quickly, and our homes are no different. For those of us who are home more than usual, it’s important to be organized with how we plan our spaces to eliminate clutter. For you, part of personalizing your home could be a new organizational system to make daily living more practical. Bookcases, shelves, plastic cubes for storing kids’ toys, storage tables, and ottomans are all ways to keep main rooms in your home organized while personalizing them. Consider shelves just for family game night with your favorite board games or jigsaw puzzles. Designate a set of shelves for each member of the family. For inspiration on how to make your home yours again, look to Pinterest, home design blogs, and YouTube for ideas.

In the end, how you personalize your living space is entirely up to you. But with some creative thinking and in the perfect climate, you can make your home perfect just for you.

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