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How to Throw a 80s-Themed Party for Your Kid

A themed birthday party or bar mitzvah is fun for everyone, and an ’80s theme will entertain and delight the kids and parents alike. If you’re looking for tips on throwing totally tubular ’80s party, look no further. Arcade...
A themed birthday party or bar mitzvah is fun for everyone, and an ’80s theme will entertain and delight the kids and parents alike. If you’re looking for tips on throwing totally tubular ’80s party, look no further.

Arcade Games

Show your kids what video games were like in the 1980s. With arcade game rental, you can stock your home with classic arcade games like Donkey Kong, Frogger, and Ms. Pac-Man. You can rent one machine that provides 46 classic games, so your guests will have plenty of options to choose from. Kids can try each game and see how high they can score. Have guests cheer each other on, and create live versions of the games as well. In-person Pac-Man might be better for kids who struggle with hand-eye coordination or are too little to use the machine. You can save the arcade rental for the older kids while the younger children play live games. A classic arcade console will make it feel like the 1980s.

Dress Up

Fashion in the 1980s was one-of-a-kind. Your kids and their friends never got to experience the stellar ’80s looks, so encourage them to dress up for the party. If the kids aren’t sure what to do, make a cheat sheet of classic outfits. Turtle necks and shoulder pads will easily make a young girl look like she’s headed to a Madonna concert. High-waisted jeans, baggy pants, and graphic T-shirts all feel very retro. Even just throwing on a pair of leg warmers will make a kid fit right in at an ’80s party. Encouraging everyone to embrace the theme will make the party fun and visceral.


As with any party, the right decorations will really set the mood. Having the classic arcade game is a great start, and you can embrace the arcade vibe. Hang up Pac-Man and Donkey Kong pictures and create a station where the kids can get coins for the machines. 8-bit pictures around the room will also make the kids feel like they’re inside a classic video game. To make the party extra rad, decorate with bright colors and classic ’80s logos, like MTV and Atari. Rubic’s cubes are very 1980, so place them on the tables or send them home with guests as party favors. The right decorations will highlight your theme and make the party feel excellent. Are you looking for a different location than your house for the party? Why not throw a boat party? Boating was huge in the 1980s, and with the perfect decorations and music, you can turn a boat party into a throwback event. Check out new boats for sale in New Jersey and you can invest in a gorgeous boat that will last you much longer than the party.

VHS Tapes and Cassettes

Your kids have probably never watched a VHS or played a cassette tape. Have these at your party so they can experience what they’ve been missing. You can use VHS and cassette tapes as centerpieces and decorations, while also having a TV and stereo playing. Mute the TV so it’s just the video and let the cassettes play. Make sure you check anything you’re going to play at the party first to make sure it’s appropriate for your guests. You can even find classic ’80s commercials or MTV segments on YouTube to play. Your kids will be amazed at how different the TV and movies of the 1980s look.
An ’80s party is fun for kids and parents. Embrace the theme and no one will leave saying, “gag me with a spoon!”

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