How to Spice Up Your Relationship As You Age

Getting older comes with a lot of ups and downs. Your body has a way of turning against you, sleep becomes elusive, and gray hair becomes your newest fashion statement. For many, their sex life suffers throughout the years. Whether it’s lack of stamina, a loss of interest in sex, or time slipping away from them, older couples do find themselves struggling to keep the needed intimacy in their relationship.

Taking steps to keep your relationship alive as you age shows your desire to keep both yourself and your partner happy. Planning a date night, slipping away from the daily grind for a bit of alone time, or adding a bit of excitement to the bedroom are all great ways to keep pleasure a part of your life. If you feel you and your spouse have fallen into a sex rut, here are a few ways you can spice up your relationship as you age and prove that being older can be sexy, too.

Making time for one another will lead to a healthy sex life.


Throughout our lives, time is constantly slipping away. Keeping up with daily work schedules, the family, the kids, and even chores around the house become tedious and leave us wishing we had more alone time with our spouses. If you want to keep that spark in the bedroom, time is important. Especially if you or your spouse suffer from sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and need a bit of assistance to keep your sex lives active.

The shame that comes with erectile dysfunction is a thing of the past now. Yes, men have been known to need professional medical advice when it comes to their sexual prowess as they age‚Äîit isn’t an uncommon thing. With the cost of Cialis more affordable and most insurance providers covering the medication, spending quality time with their spouse in the bedroom has become much easier for men. With a bit of alone time and some foreplay, an amazing orgasm is almost guaranteed.

Spicing up your sex life may be the adventure you’ve been looking for.


No one said sex couldn’t be adventurous. As we get older, the same old thing may not excite us like it once did. Sure, most everyone loves a bit of foreplay, some sexy lingerie, and other little things that enhance their sex drive, but what about going a bit farther?

Adding a bit of fantasy to the bedroom is one way how mature couples can spice things up. Whether you’re a fan of role-playing, new positions, mutual masturbation, or adding a third party into the mix, being adventurous could be the addition you and your spouse need to make your love life come alive and flourish once again.

Don’t be afraid of trying new things.


If you or your partner are feeling a lack of sex drive, perhaps speaking with a sex therapist is the way to go. The right therapist can help you overcome any issues you may be suffering from and can introduce the two of you to new things you haven’t thought of before. Being open to broadening your horizons could be the pick me up your relationship needs.

One of the most exciting new tricks you could add to your sex life is the introduction of sex toys. Vibrators, cockrings, and even lubricants are a great way for women to become more aroused and men to achieve the erection needed for a fantastic night of intercourse. Whether you add these toys into your sexual arsenal for daily use or simply pull them out when things need to be invigorated, these new tricks will put you on the right track for great sex.

If you want to keep your love life spicy, no matter your age, taking these tips into mind is the perfect place to start. Aging is a beautiful thing, especially when you can bring a bit of fun into your sexual performance and make the romance between you and your spouse something magical.

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