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How to Run a Successful Political Campaign

Getting into politics is an exciting moment for any of us. It’s the sudden jolt of purpose that makes for a great and long-lasting politician looking to change the world for the better. But running for office and winning...

Getting into politics is an exciting moment for any of us. It’s the sudden jolt of purpose that makes for a great and long-lasting politician looking to change the world for the better. But running for office and winning the race are two different beasts.

Anyone can run, but it takes a great message and well-oiled machine to compete for and secure victory in the political knife fight that is campaigning and elections. Thankfully, campaigning doesn’t have to be all landmines. There is some fun and lightheartedness that can go along with the strategizing.

Craft your message early.

Understanding the needs of your constituents should be your main priority. This may seem like a tall order, but there is a simple starting point. Consider what made you want to run in the first place. What do you have to offer that is lacking in the current political landscape? Remember, your job as a city manager, local administrator, or even congressman is to act for the betterment of your constituency. This means bending the will of others, with other objectives, to the idea of helping your community. So what is it that your community needs? Maybe you have been trying in vain to install a new park down the road; perhaps your constituents are suffering from increasing medical or 4G costs that affect their quality of life in substantial ways. Whatever the motivation, you need to capture it and craft your message around that basket of issues that causes real trouble in your community. Make sure o have a clear message on day one, so that potential voters know who you are and what you stand for.

Get the word out.


Once you understand your vision and motivation, it’s time to spread the word. People vote for someone they know, so you need to broadcast yourself into the homes of everyone in your local community. This could be through the use of bus bench advertising, television spots, or political text messaging. Text messaging is an essential tool for political campaigns these days since everyone has their phones with them at all times. Use a program to send text messages to potential voters and you’ll be able to increase your reach in a major way.

You should also consider running an aggressive social media advertising campaign and organize automated phone calls. Social media, in particular, has become an important vehicle for spreading yourself and your ideals to a mass audience, and political groups have been using Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms for years to transform their electability. Put yourself center stage at the dinner table conversation in order to really capture the imagination of your electorate in the run-up to Election Day in order to see success at the polls.

Transform your image.


Nike is the most popular clothing brand in the country. But no politician would dream of taking the stage to deliver a magnetizing speech in gym shorts and trainers. While image should matter less than the message, the truth is that your look speaks volumes about who you are before you even say a word.

Investing in some no iron blouses, pleated pants, or smart jackets will go a long way to making you look the part, to go along with those fantastic ideas floating around in your mind. Transforming your image can be fun as well. Taking a day away from the campaign trail to boost your wardrobe can be a nice opportunity to get away from the slog of electoral politics and stump speeches for a moment. Take the time to enjoy yourself—once you are elected you will have precious little free time to relax or engage in your hobbies because the work of government simply never stops.

Take your voice to the next level. While you run for office remember where you came from and who has brought you to this position in life. It’s them who you are running for. Always remember that politics and government are designed to protect the interests of us all. Use your voice to make lasting change for your country and community.

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