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How To Pair Jewelry With an Outfit

Color, style, and personality are key to matching your jewelry with your wardrobe. Regardless of how fashion savvy you are, by following these simple rules for coordinating your jewelry with your outfits, people will be sure to remember your unique style. For tips and tricks on matching real and even costume jewelry to outfits, read on.

Matching Colors


Color is key to matching those epic statement earrings with the perfect outfit. Even a black T-shirt and jeans will pop if you think about color. When considering how to coordinate the color with clothes, there are two ways to complement and coordinate colors.

Fashion is a form of art. Think of the artist’s color wheel when choosing which earrings or necklace to wear. Orange and purple are complementary, as are green and red, and blue and yellow. By choosing a complementary color, your jewelry is sure to pop. For those who aren’t bold enough to go opposite of their outfit color, an easy way to coordinate is to use the same tones and color schemes as your clothes. Maybe you’re planning to wear a lemon-colored sweater. Choosing a yellow gemstone will give you a coordinated, thought-out, and polished look.

Coordinating Themes


The same way you want to think about color before you put that pendant on, it’s important to think about your outfit’s overall theme. If you’re going for casual, simple studs might work. If you’re hoping to dress a casual outfit up, go opposite and pull out those extra-large hoops. The idea is that you can use your wardrobe to highlight your jewelry or the opposite. For those who are less daring or prefer a more polished look, you’ll want to match your theme with your clothes.

Maybe you’re planning a big night out and have your mindset on a ballgown. To go all out, grab those big statement earrings in a complementary color. To highlight your outfit, opt for small and simple studs.

Personalizing Style


When building a collection of real and costume pieces, remember to think about your personal style. While you could literally get pendants, rings, and bracelets in your initials, there are other subtle ways to show off your personality to the world through accessories. Think about gold words, birthstones, shapes, and sentimental pieces from your travels that mean something to you. Coordinate those with your favorite outfits, both dressy and casual, to show the world what you’re all about.

If you’re someone who travels a lot, consider picking up a jewel you can wear from each place you visit. Not only will it be a great conversation piece, but it will show who you are off, too.

Birth Months and Signs


Birthstones and horoscopes are a great way to make pieces more personal. Maybe you’re a Virgo born in September. A sterling silver Virgo pendant laced in diamonds and sapphire would be a great way to make your outfit more personal without going overboard. By collecting sapphires, you could easily coordinate with any wardrobe. The complementary color to blue is yellow; think golds and yellowish tones when picking your next outfit for a bolder look. If the goal is more polished, go for navy blues and sky blue dresses, sweaters, and T-shirts. By building collections in the same colors, you’ll have more options when it comes to how you mix and match your accessories with outfits.

Your ability to have fun with those statement earrings or those favorite silver hoops will pay off in your overall look. By taking a few extra minutes to coordinate your jewelry with your outfit for any occasion, you’ll be sure to look great and feel better, too. Think color, theme, and what you’re hoping to show off most when choosing your clothes, and you can’t go wrong.

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