How To Control and Eliminate a Termite Infestation

So, you think you have a termite infestation. How do you get it under control? How can you eliminate termites? First, you’ll need to identify these pests. Termites commonly have a ribbed abdomen in one continuous piece with no visible waist and short, straight antennae. Termites that are not soldiers or workers sport two pairs of wings that are twice the length of their bodies. Most notably, these insects have no eyes.

Other than spotting the bug itself, you can identify termite problems by other signs. For example, termites frequently build mud tubes. These mud tubes are thin mud structures that connect the ground to your home, garage, or other wood structures. You can also spot termites by gently tapping on wood around your home. If a solid wood beam sounds hollow when you tap it, you likely have termites. Winged termites also shed their wings when they find a new place to set up a colony, so you probably have a termite problem if you see these discarded wings.

Now you have an idea of whether or not you have termites, so let’s explore how to control and eliminate these pests.

Slow the termites down with preventative care.

One of the best ways to control a termite infestation is with preventative care. Watch out for plumbing leaks, poor landscape grading, and leaking air conditioners to ensure the ground around your house stays dry. Termites are drawn to this moisture, and if you can keep the soil dry, it will help. If possible, replacing the dirt around your house with sand will also slow down termites. Termites can’t build their trademark mud tunnels through the sand.

If you’re stacking firewood against your house, find a different place to store it. Keep your gutters and drain spouts clear to prevent water buildup around your roof, which will draw more termites. You can also cover openings on the outside of your home, like vents, with termite-resistant steel mesh. This mesh allows proper ventilation while removing several access points from the termites.

Remove termite-infested trees to stop the problem at its source.


Trees can be a beautiful touch to the landscaping around our homes. However, if termites have infested the trees around your house, it’s only a matter of time before they make it inside, if they haven’t already. Removing these trees using a dependable tree removal company can help stop your termite problem. Of course, if they’ve moved inside already, it won’t stop them entirely, but it will slow them down. Not to mention, trees infested with termites can make an eye-sore on your property, so removing them will also help your home look better.

Professional termite treatments will eradicate your pests.


Combining the aforementioned preventive measures and removing termite-infested trees with a professional termite treatment service, such as this company offering termite control in Phoenix, is the only surefire way to control and eliminate termites.

Termites are a pesky problem many homeowners deal with, and a professional will help. Professional pest control companies have all of the skills, experience, and supplies to safely remove termites from your home. These experts will also answer any questions you have to set you up for success in preventing this kind of problem in the future.

Keep termites out so your home will last for years to come.

Termites can be difficult to stop once they’ve made it into your home. However, they’re not unstoppable. Utilize the preventative care we covered to slow termites down and continue these checks to ensure they don’t return. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for termite-infested trees, either. Finally, remember to hire a professional to help if you’re dealing with a termite infestation.

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