How to Care for Your Hawai’i Home

Your Hawaiian home may be your paradise within paradise. It’s designed for your needs and those of your loved ones from hosting parties to a quiet night in. However, with certain weather conditions comes a certain amount of upkeep that you may not have to deal with in other climates. Here are some recommendations for renovations and routine maintenance throughout the house.

Air Conditioning


With warmer temperatures year-round and high humidity in the winter months, having a properly functioning air conditioner is crucial for any home from Maui to Oahu. While some homeowners prefer to install complex HVAC systems with ductwork, they can accrue tons of dust and allergens within. This requires regular routine cleaning at least monthly to change filters and ducts. This is why some homeowners opt for a ductless AC or a ductless mini-split to properly control temperatures with minimal cleaning.

Ductless air conditioners are easier to install, taking less room than a standard HVAC system, with indoor units designated to each room of the house you need. These mini-splits feature outdoor units that require quick cleaning, keeping any dirt or brush away to avoid burning out the motor or condenser. Plus, with developments in thermostat technology, you can now regulate your home’s temperature and air conditioning automatically or from afar through a mobile app.



Humidity can be hell on pipes and fixtures over time. When it comes to at-home plumbing repair, there are tasks that most DIYers can handle, ranging from fixing leaks to making sure faucets are properly operating. If you notice that water is not properly transferring to dishwashers or washing machines, you may find that connections are not properly linked in joining pipes together.

In some cases, the fix is simple. For some washers, cleaning out the lint traps can help deal with certain malfunctions. You should clean out clogs in drains as quickly as possible to prevent any long-term blockage that can seep deeper into plumbing. Be sure to check for leaks at least weekly to stop issues before they become significant.



The life of your appliances depends on your use of these systems. If you find that your dishwashers, dryers, or refrigerators are on their last legs, it may be time to call Honolulu Appliance Repair. Professional appliance service technicians will offer up consultation on the issue with your major appliance and provide a solution to have it running like new again. They’ll also offer up tips for better maintenance going forward.

If it’s time to invest in a new appliance, be sure to consider Energy Star equipment. Getting the seal of approval from the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, these appliances are known to reduce the amount of energy your household uses, bringing your home energy costs down significantly. These Energy Star seals are common among major appliance brands for just about everything, even TVs and computers.



When it comes to the roof of your home, it’s important to be aware of when it was installed to get the best assessment of when it may be time to bring in a pro to make repairs. Licensed roofing companies can take a look at any potential issues, ranging from displaced shingles to a leaky roof to determine if there’s a quick fix or there’s a need to overhaul the roof entirely.

Some companies will allow you to schedule maintenance today, with others offering next-day appointments to get started on more minimal issues. Working with a licensed contractor, you’ll be able to avoid costly breakdowns, such as rotting wood and displaced shingles. Be sure to also check your home warranties to understand the date of the last roofing install, and find any protections beyond your homeowner’s insurance.

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