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How Bad Posture and an Improper Mattress Affects the Health of New Mothers

Being a new mom is hard. As much as you love your baby, there’s little you wouldn’t give for the chance to sleep in or wake up without pain in your neck, back, or hips. Of course, you knew...

Being a new mom is hard. As much as you love your baby, there’s little you wouldn’t give for the chance to sleep in or wake up without pain in your neck, back, or hips. Of course, you knew you were signing up for sleepless nights and a changed body from the moment you found out you were pregnant. But it might not be the baby crying through the night or the hours spent hunched over to nurse or gaze in the crib at the little one that’s keeping you up or leaving you aching. Your posture overall can impact your health as a new mom and, when paired with a sub-par mattress, can lead to sleep issues, chronic pain, and other problems.

The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep


You already know that sleep is important. But knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to get the rest you need. As a new mom, you’re prepared to wake up at night to feed the baby, calm their cries, or ease your own anxieties by peeking in on them as they sleep. But finding ways to get some shut-eye is crucial to your safety and sanity. Let yourself rest, even if you can’t fall asleep, and get help from your partner or another loved one to give you a break when you need it.

Besides the more obvious ways a new mom might face sleep deprivation, it’s just as important to think through any more mundane issues that might be keeping you from the rest you need. You’ve got a crib with the best mattress you could find for your baby, but is your mattress providing the pressure relief, airflow, and overall comfort you need? Do some research into what style might be the best mattress for you, depending on what kind of sleeper you are. A side sleeper will want to look for a mattress that offers pressure relief for your shoulders and hips, while stomach sleepers will love a memory foam mattress, a firm, supportive, comfortable mattress that will give you and your spine a much-needed break. A Nectar mattress might be the new mattress you need, bringing you all the support, comfort, and relief you need to drift off into a good night’s sleep.

The Threat of “Mom Posture”


Your body has already gone through a lot between pregnancy and giving birth, yet it doesn’t get a break once you hold your baby in your arms. From rocking your child to sleep to lifting your teen’s impossibly heavy backpack, a mother practically holds the weight of the world on her shoulders—so much so that experts have a name for it: mom posture.

Mom’s posture manifests with rounded shoulders, a pelvic tilt, and a forward head, alongside uncomfortable aches and pains. And, whether you’re leaning over to scroll through Instagram or facing pain while nursing your baby, you’ll be glad to know that a few tweaks can ease the effects that mom posture has on your body. A site like simplewishes.com can help you find a nursing or pumping bra that offers the support you need while promoting proper posture while breastfeeding or generally going through mommy life. Spend some time strengthening your neck and back and correcting your posture as soon as you’ve noticed an issue. Within weeks of working to improve your posture, you can find yourself with less pain.

As a mom, you’ve quickly grown used to sacrificing for your children, whether that’s sleep, health, or happiness. But you can’t care for your family and other loved ones until you’ve taken care of yourself. Your sleep and posture are just two of the personal factors to take care of but, fortunately, they’re some of the easiest to fix. With a new mattress, a supportive pumping bra, and the consciousness of what’s causing issues, you can sleep through the night and deal with less pain in no time, giving you more time and energy to be a super mom.

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