Here’s How to Create Your Dream Home

At some point, almost all homeowners consider a home improvement or remodeling project. Often, refreshing specific high-traffic areas in the house adds both a new, modern look to the rooms, as well as increases the property’s potential resale value. Ideally, a perfect remodeling project will accomplish both of those goals, making any household alteration a worthwhile investment.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have been living in the same house for a long time, initiating home improvements can be both fun and intimidating prospect. Fortunately, there are many homes remodel ideas that fit nearly any budget, while also offering numerous benefits to increase your home’s property value. Here, we look at a few creative ideas on how to create your dream home without breaking the bank!

A “Dream Bathroom” Remodel


Certain renovation projects are among the most popular. For example, homeowners will list a new bathroom or kitchen as a prime example of a dream remodel. What both of these projects have in common is that the bathroom and kitchen are high-traffic areas and, over time, both could require new floors, tiles, or windows. Additionally, a dream bathroom or kitchen may require new plumbing, which is a worthwhile investment for your home’s overall value.

For both your own enjoyment or a future home buyer, a bathroom remodel is a great choice. According to Mad City Windows, which specializes in bathroom remodeling in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, such as Wisconsin and Illinois, the most prospective buyers will list the bathrooms and kitchens as two of the first things they inspect when viewing a potential home. With that in mind, the pros and cons of a new bathroom should include the room’s windows, type of floor materials (as easy cleanup of typical mold and moisture stains are ideal for a bathroom), and either the modernization or complete installation of a bathtub to match your existing shower.

Although a beautiful, rustic bathroom design could include a hardwood floor to match the room’s windows and frames, hardwood construction may be better suited for your kitchen. Considering vinyl or tiles could be a great option for maintaining a clean, luxurious look. Additionally, some luxury vinyl tile or ceramic tile can do a great job replicating the look of hardwood while guaranteeing less warping heat and moisture. By selecting a modern minimalist decor with matching energy-efficient fixtures, the bathroom will always maintain a timeless look, while also cutting down on your water consumption. When speaking with your contractor during the initial home consultation, be sure to ask for recommendations regarding appliances designed for lower energy costs.

A New Kitchen for Luxury and Value


Another popular choice among homeowners looking for worthwhile remodel project ideas is kitchen renovation. Like a new bathroom, a kitchen remodel can be the best option for both function and investment. Something as simple as swapping out old appliances, such as the washing machine, refrigerator, and faucet fixtures for energy efficiency can decrease your family’s carbon footprint print while drastically lowering your monthly utilities. Likewise, considering new cabinetry or a floor replacement can visually de-age the entire space. Having your kitchen floor for new material or design for modern selections like vinyl plank flooring or a durable laminate can help keep the floor’s integrity against the common wear and tear of foot traffic.

If you’ve ever dreamed of either having an island installed for greater room versatility or perhaps have an existing island removed for more space, it may be the perfect time to upgrade them to vinyl floor tile. The scratch-resistant vinyl finish of modern tiling can be catered to nearly any new decor, while quality work by a good contractor can help keep your floor as good as new for years to come.

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