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Do You Like Working With Your Hands? Check Out These Hands-On Fields

The great thing about the job industry is that there are a variety of careers to choose from. At times though, choosing a job from these many fields can be very daunting. For people entering the job market after...

The great thing about the job industry is that there are a variety of careers to choose from. At times though, choosing a job from these many fields can be very daunting. For people entering the job market after a long period of inactivity, this can be a difficult task. For college students, going into the job market for the first time can be even more worrisome. Sometimes students will visit their college counseling office for assistance with making such decisions.

In cases like these, college counselors seek to find a career that leans more towards the strengths of the students. They find that many students have a higher success rate with going into fields which they are best suited for. One field of employment which many students fall into are those fields which require working with your hands. Today we’ll focus on what the best hands-on fields of employment are.



One of the more prominent fields where you can work with your hands is the construction industry. Many jobs in this field involve a person using their hands to build or construct structures. Some of the most prominent construction positions include project engineers, construction inspectors, journeyman electricians, plumbers, pipefitters, carpenters, equipment operators, and construction laborers. Many of these jobs require some sort of education or training, in addition to safety certification.

The most important form of certification which you’ll need to work in the construction industry is OSHA certification. OSHA certification allows a construction worker to learn about the safety standards for working men and women in this industry. When a construction worker signs up for an OSHA certification program they will be provided with the instruction and education needed to help them feel safer in the work environment. When you’re working with your hands, there’s often a chance that you might get hurt on the job. Taking a certification program such as the ones offered by an OSHA training institute education center will help you to practice safety responsibility. If you’re interested in finding a career that will allow you to work with your hands, the construction industry is one field to look into.

Electrical Engineer

The science field includes a host of job opportunities where hands-on jobs are available. One of the more prominent of these job fields is electrical engineering. In this form of engineering, engineers design, develop, and test the manufacture of electrical equipment. These can include devices such as electric motors, radar systems, communication systems, and power generators.

The field of engineering can be an expansive one, and often many people seek direction on what field to go into. One of the first places people will visit to make such a decision is their college admissions counseling services. Talking with a college admissions consultant can help you to figure out what field of engineering to delve into. A counselor might pick up on the fact that you are seeking a field of engineering where you can tackle hands-on work. As a college applicant, direction like this is crucial so that you’ll fall into a field that can play to your strengths. If you love engineering and enjoy working with your hands, electrical engineering is a great field to focus on.



Another field that requires a person to work with their hands is the firefighting field. You’ll spend most of your days working to put out fires at homes, while also saving lives. This involves carrying fire hoses, opening hydrants, knocking down doors, and carrying people to safety.

Many men and women across the United States have decided to make firefighting their profession. Once they’ve graduated high school, many firefighters will go and receive their postsecondary non-degree award in a discipline that focuses on fire science. Once they do this, they’ll attend a firefighting training academy which has a certificate program for them to become a certified firefighter.

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