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Do You Have a Healthy Living Space?

Your home is your castle. This space is where you retreat at the end of each day, and emerge from in the mornings, ready to tackle the next challenges that life has in store. Your home is where you...

Your home is your castle. This space is where you retreat at the end of each day, and emerge from in the mornings, ready to tackle the next challenges that life has in store. Your home is where you relax and unwind. However, the coronavirus pandemic has created the need to enlist this space of relaxation in order to pull double duty as a workspace, classroom, and gym, as well.

Your home may boast the square footage to allow each family member to escape to their own corner, but your indoor environment will suffer if you haven’t created a productive and nurturing internal living space to match. No matter the size of your home, improving the living space of your large or small space is an essential consideration for all homeowners these days.

In order to make the most of your living quarters, begin with a reimagining of what your home can and must be during this time of increased utilization of your air conditioning and HVAC system, extra seating, and living room couch.

Start with improving and maintaining your indoor environment.


The value of your air conditioning system can’t be overstated. A reliable HVAC system to keep the indoor environment healthy, safe and comfortable is crucial to the continued happiness of your family’s home. Finding a technician that you trust to conduct routine maintenance on your home’s air conditioning and HVAC system is an important step for all homeowners. Your air conditioner should last for many years, but without preventative maintenance designed to keep the inner parts working at peak performance, your system is vulnerable to minor failures that will produce a ripple effect throughout the entire system.

A broken air conditioner wreaks havoc on a fully functioning home, especially one that has all of its residents working within its living space regularly. The hot air from the exterior of your home will creep in, and mixed with the body heat produced by each member of your family, will quickly turn the home’s living room into a sauna. Maintenance on your air conditioning unit should be taken seriously in order to clear debris and replace worn out parts before they create a devastating knock-on effect that put your home’s productivity out of commission for a few days at a time.

Take time to improve your mental facilities.


A healthy and happy home relies on a clear mind as well. In order to make the most of your home, it’s important to try to maintain an inner peace that keeps you calm and centered at all times. Whether you live in a small space or a mansion, keeping your energy calm and collected will help you love your time at home in this space of relaxation and comfort.

Meditation is often a great way to engage with this process. Taking just five minutes in the morning to clear your mind and focus on whatever makes you happy is a great start to the day and will help you to remain focused and relaxed throughout whatever the afternoon might throw at you.

Alternatively, time spent outdoors, actively enjoying the fresh air, is another great way to relieve stress and put you on pace for a fantastic day. Studies have shown that just 20 minutes of outdoor time can improve your blood flow, reduce stress and anxiety, and even reduce your blood pressure. Setting up a chair or outdoor couch can give you this powerful relaxation from the comfort of your backyard, and set you on the path to productivity and happiness each day within walking distance from your home.

Improving the quality of life you experience in your home is simple; you just have to make the commitment to yourself in order to achieve it.

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