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Designing the Home Theater of Your Dreams

When you buy a house, the goal is to turn it into your home, by taking what you have and turning it into what you want. If you like to spend time at home with family, or frequently have friends over...

When you buy a house, the goal is to turn it into your home, by taking what you have and turning it into what you want. If you like to spend time at home with family, or frequently have friends over to your place, a home theater may be exactly what you need. But if you are going to go through the work and expense of creating a home theater, then you’ll want to go all in and create a space that is exactly what you want. Here are some simple steps in designing the home theater of your dreams.

Start with space.


Choosing the space in your house that will be best for a home theater system may require you to get creative with what is available so that you get the most out of this investment. Some people choose a living room, while others may choose a basement or convert the garage space for its natural low light levels and conditions. Regardless, you will need a large enough space for a big screen and suitable acoustics that won’t echo the speakers. Larger rooms or rooms with high ceilings are most ideal. However, you can really make any space the perfect choice, but you’ll have to plan the equipment accordingly. Some people have even successfully created their home theaters in broad daylight, using outdoor living space. By utilizing an exterior wall to hang the projector screen and the garden acting as a comfortable seating area, some of the best home theater systems, are not within the home at all.

Buy the right equipment.


A home theater isn’t just about having a big screen and great speakers. You want the lighting to be perfect and adjustable, and you need the space to be laid out perfectly so that it’s ideal for anyone watching television in the room. Apex Audio Video works with its clients to create the perfect home theater space. Texans particularly have it lucky in this case, as Lutron in Austin, is your go-to source for great lighting. Lutron’s “smart lighting” will allow you to customize the use of the light sources in the space to fit your needs, and have easy-to-operate light controls, assisting you to make comfort adjustments with the mere touch of a button. After all, Lutron understands that whilst low light tends to work best for most big screens, they may not be the most comfortable light levels for everyone. Incidentally, when choosing a screen, you can go with either a big-screen TV or a projector. While projection screens are becoming the go-to for home theaters, not every space is ideally designed to accommodate them. You can talk to your home theater specialist to decide what would work best in the space you have available.

Find comfortable furniture.


Simply put, you’ll need furniture that you and your family will be comfortable in, for hours together. It is important for a home theater that each seat has a view of the screen, but you also want to make sure that each seat is comfortable and close together, so you can still talk and spend time with each other when you aren’t watching a movie. If you have young children or dogs, you might want to get furniture that will be easy to clean, because messes do happen. If you frequently have overnight guests, then you might want to buy furniture that is conducive for sleepovers. While the uncomfortable pull-out bed used to be the standard for overnight furniture, there is now a wide range of furniture options that can double as, or convert, into a very comfortable bed.

Decorate to match the feel of the room


You will want the room to feel inviting and cozy and one simple way that you can do that is, by decorating the space with art and houseplants. Buying or making art for the room will allow you to express your personal style, while also creating a welcoming space. Indoor plants are also an amazing addition. Not only will a beautiful plant make the space feel warm and inviting, but they also improve the indoor air quality. LivelyRoot sells a wide range of great plants to fit any space, from indoor plants that need low maintenance and can thrive under most light sources or without daylight, to outdoor plants that grow best in natural light and without much water. You can bring in a splash of color with a snake plant or tone down the room with the dark green of ivy. Whichever you choose, a good offering of decor is bound to make your house a home, before you add the theater system to it.

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