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Best Way to Get From NJ to NYC to See a Broadway Show

So, you bought tickets to your favorite Broadway show, but you still need to make travel plans. Getting from New Jersey to New York can be expensive, especially if you forgot to plan travel accommodations in advance. Here are some of the most affordable ways to get from NJ to Manhattan, and not one involves taking a taxi.

Skip The Taxi

While you might be tempted to bike from New Jersey to Manhattan, Port Authority prohibits the use of bikes in the Holland Tunnel and the Lincoln Tunnel. If you’re traveling to NJ during off-peak hours, non-folding bicycles are allowed on the PATH train. But if you don’t have your own bike, you can rent a bike via the NextBike mobile app or any Hudson Bike kiosk. 

Bike sharing in Hoboken, NJ, means you won’t have to worry about calling a taxi to catch your bus or train on time. Instead, you can save time, money, and peace of mind by picking up a bike at the Hoboken bike station closest to you. For more information, you can call the Hudson Bike Share customer service line at (201) 208-2913.

Take The PATH

The PATH is the cheapest, quickest, and most available method of transit between New Jersey and NYC. The PATH subway runs between Newark, Hoboken, Jersey City, Midtown Manhattan, and the World Trade Center. And since all rides are $2.75 one way, you won’t have to sacrifice your budget for the night on transportation.

The PATH also runs 24/7, with frequent rides late at night and early in the morning. From the farthest stations, no ride takes longer than 25 minutes. If you’re traveling from Hoboken to Midtown, you can reach your destination in as little as 12 minutes. If you’re worried about catching the PATH, you can check out the schedule here.

Hop-On Transit

New Jersey Transit trains can be useful, especially if you’re planning to stay in a hotel in NJ with free parking near a train to NYC. On average, Transit trains are three to five times more expensive than the PATH subway, and the commute is often longer.

New Jersey Transit trains come with numerous trade-offs. In most cases, the deeper you go into the NJ suburbs, the cheaper parking becomes. However, Transit train fares and commute times increase. For example, at the Montclair Heights station, parking is $5 per day, and the commute to NYC is 45 minutes. Meanwhile, the MetroPark station offers parking passes for $10 a day and involves an hour-long commute. Ultimately, transit trains are a great option if you’re staying overnight in NJ. Otherwise, you might want to choose a cheaper alternative.

Take The Ferry

The NY Waterway Ferry travels from New Jersey to Manhattan across the Hudson River. Taking the Ferry means you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the gorgeous view of the skyline. You can also park your car for $16 per day at the Imperial Ferry Landing Garage, which is one of the cheapest options for parking near public transportation from NJ to NYC.

Ferry tickets cost $9 for adults. The Ferry is more expensive than the PATH subway system, but many tourists opt for the views of the city. Some people choose to take the Ferry from NJ to NYC and the PATH from NYC to NJ. If you decide to travel on both the PATH and the Ferry, your best option is to park near the Newport Ferry Landing/PATH stations. 

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