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Best Cars to Drive When Moving Cross Country

If you are faced with the prospect of moving your family and your belongings across the United States, then you first have to spend the time determining the best way to get there. A cross-country drive can be quite...

If you are faced with the prospect of moving your family and your belongings across the United States, then you first have to spend the time determining the best way to get there. A cross-country drive can be quite an undertaking, especially if you do not want to put that many miles on your current vehicle, on the journey to your new home.

Making the drive is stressful itself, as you likely won’t be traveling with the moving company that is transporting your things. Plus it is much more difficult than with a local move, as it is not a long trip. Consider renting a car that will be dependable as well as providing you and your family with some more room inside, to contribute to a stress-free move. Remember as you drive to your new home, many states also have varying restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic such as wearing a mask inside gas stations and other areas that are accessible to the public. It may be best to adhere to CDC guidelines during this drive, as it could make a significant difference in your stress level.

In addition to choosing the right car for your move, you’ll also need to make sure that you have decent insurance coverage for the trip. In Australia, for example. the whole country requires compulsory third-party insurance (CTP compare), but in the United States, we have varying coverage throughout.

Here, you can learn more about the types of cars you could use for your cross-country move.

1. Choose a small SUV that is fuel-efficient.


If budget is a concern for your drive, but you also want more space inside the car, then consider a smaller SUV like a Ford Escape or Honda CRV. These cars, amongst other similar vehicles, offer plenty of cabin space but are also lighter on fuel consumption. These are a bit light on cargo space, so you may want to pack lightly and let the mover in Maryland that you hired, cart most of your things to the new house for you.

2. If you need more room, minivans are also a good option.

According to U.S. News, one of the best minivans to choose for a cross-country trip is a Honda Odyssey. The roomy cabin area combined with smartphone compatibility makes it a great option for families, especially if this is the first time that you’re driving such a long distance. You can stream your favorite playlist and sing along with the family, or let them control the rear climate with an app on their phones that links directly to the car. They can even program in a destination if they are hungry and want to stop for food, (just don’t forget to mask up to protect from COVID-19, if you do).

3. Pick a larger SUV if you need space and towing capacity.


If you’re traveling long-distance, you will definitely need to spread out inside the car to maintain everyone’s sanity. A larger SUV like a Kia Telluride can provide that space, but also offers towing capacity if you want to bring a trailer or your boat with you, to enjoy time at a lake or a river along the way. Many of these SUVs also have safety features available like lane assist and adaptive cruise control. In addition, they also have an option to lower the volume for backseat passengers.

4. Hybrid cars are environmentally-friendly and fuel-efficient.


While many drivers have concerns over how a hybrid car can complete a long trip, the newer hybrids of today like a Toyota RAV4 hybrid will be a reliable choice for your trip, and will also reduce your carbon footprint while you drive across the United States. Most of them also come equipped with the tech that you’ll need for a successful drive, including a screen for your smartphone, driver assistance technology, and more. Going green for your move is easier than ever with modern hybrid cars and SUVs, so consider one of these for your upcoming move process.

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