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8 Ways to Treat Yo’ Self This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and with it comes endless advertisements for romantic getaways, heart-shaped paraphernalia, and a tizzy of puppy love. While love is a beautiful thing, this Hallmark-holiday can be daunting for those who aren’t in a relationship. If you find yourself single this year, don’t be disheartened. This February 14th, turn Single Awareness Day into Treat Yo’ Self Day and take part in one of these fun self-care activities.

Pampering And Self Care

Feeling run-down from the chaos of life? Slow things down, head to the spa and give yourself a chance to rejuvenate. Sign up for a refreshing facial, a conditioning hair mask, or a full body massage to find relaxation from head to toe. Not sure where to start? You can find the best med spa in Los Angeles, New York City, or anywhere in the world by starting an online search and reading reviews. You deserve a 5-star treatment, so don’t settle for anything less!

Retail Therapy

Start the day by going through the clothes you own and create piles to keep, toss, and donate. When the bags are full and you’ve made some room, hit your favorite stores and stock up on new finds! Keep the adventurous momentum going and try on pieces out of your comfort zone. You might discover a new style you never knew you could pull off.

A New Upgrade

Your phone has seven cracks, two dents, and the camera has a red line going through every photo; it’s time to upgrade! There’s a level of excitement that comes with learning new technology whether it’s your phone, camera, or television. Having something new to navigate and learn the intricacies of is a great way to spark your brain and give it new challenges.

A Chill Pill

There are plenty of all-natural ways to decrease your anxiety without having to rely on a prescription pad. Discuss some homeopathic remedies with your doctor, try some at-home meditation, or join a yoga class to realign your chakras. You can even buy CBD online that will help to relieve tension within your mind and body without the side effects of modern medicine. One dosage of CBD can be just the “chill pill” you need to enjoy your day.

Some Fresh Air

February might not be the best weather for everyone to sit out and enjoy a picnic, but fresh air can be uplifting in any season. Bundle up for a day of skiing, hit the trail, grab your bike, or just take a good old-fashioned stroll through your neighborhood. Exercise and fresh air increase your level of endorphins and serotonin, treating your body to the happiness and energy it deserves.

Dinner For One

Eating alone has been stigmatized as a melancholy experience, but there’s no shame in treating yourself to a gourmet meal for one. Eating single means no sharing, no judgment, and endless possibilities. When there’s no one to discuss where to go, what you’re in the mood for, or how much to order, you get full rein over your meal. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day to your favorite cuisine; get appetizers, an entrée, and most definitely dessert.


Your streaming services are full of shows, movies, and specials you’ve been meaning to watch but just haven’t had the time. Today’s the day to get through that queue. Stock up on your favorite snacks, grab your favorite blanket and settle in. Let your favorite entertainment be your date for the day and enjoy the satisfaction of a no-longer cluttered “to watch” list.

Going Off The Radar

Unplug on Valentine’s Day and avoid the bombardment of couple posts, mushy dedications, and love songs. Turn off your phone, stay away from social media, and stick to streaming services over cable TV’s rom-com marathons. The last thing you need on your me, myself, and I day is to have romance shoved down your throat. Disconnecting from electronics and modern media can be beneficial in and of itself, so take the day off from the rest of the world. Treat Yo’ Self Day is all yours, no one should have the power to ruin it.

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