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5 Why Reasons You Should Visit Santa Cruz This Summer

We live in a magnificent world full of fantastic destinations that awaken all types of wanderlust. The sun is shining bright, it’s warm, and the skies are the gorgeous blue that we have all been looking forward to seeing...

We live in a magnificent world full of fantastic destinations that awaken all types of wanderlust. The sun is shining bright, it’s warm, and the skies are the gorgeous blue that we have all been looking forward to seeing throughout the winter.

Santa Cruz is full of fantastic photography spots for any subject. If you are into Apple products, beautify your favorite photo storage device with amazing photos of scenic landscaping, modern architecture, Monterey Bay, and natural cliffs. Here are five reasons why you should consider paying a visit to Santa Cruz this summer.

1.The Beach Boardwalk


Since the presidency of Teddy Roosevelt, nothing attracts the towners to Santa Cruz like the stretch of spills and thrills at the Boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is among the best seaside parks in the world.

The Boardwalk area perfectly combines the old-time charm with modern fun, and if you want to lose some fat, the weight loss clinic in Santa Cruz, found at JumpstartMD Santa Cruz 820 Bay Ave. #111, Capitola, CA 95010 831-331-4178 is ready to offer a weight loss program for you.

Don’t you want to test your bravery with Shockwave and Typhoon rides? The Boardwalk features a boisterous gallery of gift shops, games, and tens of trips. For instance, must-ride park darlings are the 1911 Looff Carousel—a National Historic Landmark and the 1924 Giant Dipper—a wooden roller coaster.

2.The Santa Cruz Wharf


Nothing can be more fun than walking along the blustery Santa Cruz Wharf. The half-mile wharf—nicknamed the Gateway to the Monterey Bay—is more than a century old. You can even have a smooth ride on it. It is not only a fantastic place to fish, but also an excellent place to spot a dolphin, whale, sea lion, or otters.

The area also offers a wide variety of places you can shop for anything and there are several restaurants if you’re hankering for tasty seafood.

3. Surfing Museum


You won’t regret visiting any part of the West Cliff Drive. It provides superb views of the city and the pier. Furthermore, you can watch surfers in the Steamer Lane waves down below.

If you are on a mission to study the history of surfing, a 15-minute walk will get you to the Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse. You will find the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum— the first surfing museum in the world. It has all historical information about surfing, ranging from its origins in Hawaii to more than a century of surfing activities in Santa Cruz.

4. Wide range of beaches

It’s impossible to dislike the miles and miles of beaches in Santa Cruz. These beaches have something unique for everybody.

From the vastness of sea and sand to the vivid windswept cliffs, you can’t miss a perfect spot on the sand for your beach activity. You can get perfect places for campfires, camping, family and dog(on leash) beaches, fishing, kayaking, kiteboarding, picnicking, surfing, romantic sunsets, scenic drives, swimming, volleyball, whale watching, and people watching at Santa Cruz beaches. The top beaches include:

  • Santa Cruz Main Beach—for families, people watching, and volleyball
  • New Brighton State Beach—for camping, dogs, and campfires
  • Capitola Beach—for families, kayaking, and volleyball
  • Seacliff State Beach—for families, picnicking, families, fishing, dogs, and camping
  • Twin Lakes State Beach— for campfires, dogs, and swimming
  • West Cliff Drive beach— walking/running, scenic drives, and romantic sunsets
  • Natural Bridges State Beach-for sunset, pelicans, and cormorants watching.

5. The Mystery Spot


Listed on the California Registry of historical sites, the Santa Cruz mystery spot is famous and fascinating. The laws of gravity will seem to bend before your eyes. The place has a house constructed upon a particular position where you can witness many strange natural phenomena, for example, balls seeming to roll uphill and chairs sitting on walls.

We all love memories. However, memories are made. Make your summer memorable by taking your family to Santa Cruz!

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