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5 Thoughtful Gifts That’ll Make Your Dad Love You Even More

What can you even give a man who has seemingly given you everything? If you’re struggling with finding a thoughtful gift for your father, it’s time for you to stop worrying: We’ve got you covered! Here are five presents that will make your dad even more proud of you.

1. A Phone Case

What’s more thoughtful than the gift of protection?

If your dad is a bit on the older side, it’s likely that he’s not the best at navigating his smart phone. Nonetheless, his phone should still be protected; the gift of a new case would be greatly appreciated!


Limited 77 is a company that uses natural materials to make phone accessories, specializing in wooden cases. Each wood phone case that this company creates is a work of art: their designs on these wooden cases vary from scenic nature views, patriotic symbolism, and visuals of your favorite animals and creatures (such as a sea turtle or wolf). Whether you need an iPhone case or a Samsung Galaxy case, you’ll find the best wooden phone case shopping with Limited 77.

2. Custom Putter

At some point, your dad is probably going to become an avid golfer. Most fathers seem to have this gravitational pull toward the golf industry as they grow older; when it’s time for him to hit the golf course, make sure he’s swinging in style.

A custom putter is a sweet gift your dad will be proud to tote around the golf course with. Edel Golf is a company that sells the finest equipment in the golf industry, including premium putters, carbon putters, golf balls, wedges, and stainless steel irons. You can gift your dad a custom putter by Edel Golf, and it’ll certainly be the best grip he’ll ever feel. Visit Edel Golf to get your dad ready for the golf course.

3. Beer

If beer is your dad’s favorite drink to sip while he kick backs and relax, we have a cool brand for you to check out: “nicethings Cream Ale.” Philadelphia rapper Chill Moody wanted to find a way to combine cultures in Philadelphia, so he decided to venture out into the craft beer industry. He ending up brewing a cream ale in a rosy pink color that has a mellow and refreshing taste, perfect for enjoying at a cookout on a hot afternoon. This beer is available in several stores in Philadelphia, and Chill Moody is working to release his next flavor of cream ale. Stay in tune with him on social media to keep up with all his beer updates!


4. Beard Oil

Beards need love too!

If your father is sporting a beard, it’s essential that he’s taking excellent care of it. Tri Herbal Cosmetics is a company that sells the best handmade beauty and hair products. All of these products contain natural ingredients from West Africa, all lab-approved by scientists. One of their top-sellers is the Beard Buttahs Balm, a balm that adds some serious nourishment to your beard. They also offer a beard wash and beard oil in their men’s’ line. Visit Tri Herbal Cosmetics to learn more about their amazing products.

5. Fresh New Pair of Sneakers

Not only are sneakers a stylish gift, but they’re also very practical.

Just because your dad is getting older doesn’t mean he can’t stay hip to current fashion trends. The great thing about sneakers is that they’re often made for comfort. Growing older comes with a list of aches, and a new pair of sneakers will help alleviate that pain. Visit your local sneaker store to pick up some new kicks for your old man.

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