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5 Self-Loving Ways to Improve Your Appearance

The desire to improve our appearance can often stem from the need to meet societal expectations rather than the desire to take proper care of ourselves and boost our own self-image. When you engage in the former rather than...

The desire to improve our appearance can often stem from the need to meet societal expectations rather than the desire to take proper care of ourselves and boost our own self-image. When you engage in the former rather than the latter, you may end up feeling more inadequate in the process, as you have not tackled the main issues driving your need for change. If you are looking to change how you look but want to do so in a way that enhances your self-esteem, here are five self-loving ways to improve your appearance.


Loving Yourself

1. Start By Making Changes to Your Diet and Exercise Routine

What you eat and whether or not you exercise can have an impact not only on your body but on your mental health as well. One great way to improve your appearance in a self-loving manner is to make changes in these areas. You can stay healthy by swapping out unhealthy food options with healthy alternatives, eating in rather than eating out, and making an effort to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, whether you are just going on a walk or doing a home workout program. The key thing to remember? Avoid any diets or exercise routines that require you to take extreme measures, like starving yourself or working out hours upon hours each day. These efforts do not come from a place of self-love!

Along with your diet, you may also want to look into taking supplements to boost your health and well-being. Some supplements are designed to help you fill in gaps in nutrition where your diet may be lacking while others, like the supplements featured on www.calerie.com, are designed to make you look and feel better by restoring energy on a cellular level.

2. Find Clothes That Make You Feel Great About Your Body

Some people purchase clothes with the intent to fit into them at a later date. The issue with this is that it can be a lot of pressure to put on yourself, especially if you do not meet your desired goals later on and become discouraged by this fact. Instead of purchasing clothes for what you want to look like, purchase clothes that make you feel great about yourself as you are in the present moment. Self-acceptance doesn’t mean that you can’t change. It means loving yourself as you are and as you will be in the future. Find clothes that help you celebrate and love who you are now!

3. Look for Ways to Naturally Improve Problem Areas

Most people respond to problems with their bodies by looking for ways to cover it up. While this is certainly one solution, this doesn’t fix the underlying issue, whether it is problems with your skin, teeth, or hair. Take the time to ask yourself what you love about yourself and what you want to fix. Are the areas that you don’t like something you can fix or something that you will have to accept? For example, if your skin is too dry or too oily, set up a skincare routine that begins fixing the issue. Once you have either fixed or accepted the problem, you will feel happier about your overall appearance.

4. Put on Makeup That Highlights Your Favorite Features

When makeup is used correctly, it is much like fashion in that it helps you highlight some of your favorite features rather than trying to hide yourself away from the world. Beyond the basics like your favorite foundation and mascara, look for exciting new accessories such as false lashes like mink lashes that you can curl and use to enhance your natural look and lash style, exciting new lip kits that draw more attention to your smile, and even fun nail colors that you can experiment with. Whether you are someone who prefers to keep their makeup toned down with bare foundation and natural lashes or love to put on the works (luxurious mink lashes with a curl and all), makeup can be one great way to improve your appearance in a positive way.

5. Work on Your Confidence at Home and in Public

While the tips provided above are all excellent ways to improve your appearance, working on what you see in the mirror will ultimately have the most impact. Start by focusing on the things you love and making an extra effort to pay attention to those areas. Then slowly work your way to things you may not like, either learning how to improve them or accept them. You can also work on changing the way you believe others perceive you by engaging more with others around you and improving your confidence. The more you believe in yourself, the more your insecurities will fade away.

Your appearance doesn’t have to change at the expense of your personal happiness. Use the five tips provided above to start improving your appearance in a way that also improves your self-perception and strengthens your relationship with yourself!

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