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5 Ideas for a Frugal Wedding

According to a recent study by The Knot the average wedding in 2019 costed an estimated $34,000. With a price tag like that, many couples start by creating a budget and financial plan based on what they and any of their...

According to a recent study by The Knot the average wedding in 2019 costed an estimated $34,000. With a price tag like that, many couples start by creating a budget and financial plan based on what they and any of their family members and friends can contribute.

Wedding Wire reports that 54 percent of engaged couples end up increasing their budget during their planning process, with 45% putting additional money toward items they learned about along the way. The most cited reasons for expanding a budget include finding must-have items while planning, setting a budget lower than realistically needed, adding customized elements, a change in the guest count, and a decision to upgrade certain aspects (like flowers).

High wedding costs include catering, tables, chairs, and more. The price of these aspects may vary depending on the number of guests. On average, weddings have 131 guests. Limiting the number of family members and friends you invite can help you keep your costs low.

We’ve compiled five ways to save some money and avoid overspending without compromising on your ideal wedding.

1. Pick a free location.


Wedding venues are typically the largest slice of the budget. For many people getting married, the venue can cost thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars. Survey data leads event planners to approximate the average wedding venue will run somewhere between $10,000 and $14,000.

If you are able to get married at a venue for no (or little) cost, such as a relative’s property, a friend’s backyard, or your own home — go for it! An outdoor event at a family property can be a cost-effective and intimate event.

2. Make some DIY decorations with friends.


Many brides-to-be and future grooms spend time and money finding elaborate ways to decorate their church or other ceremony and reception venues. Getting aesthetically pleasing decorations doesn’t require a professional, nor do you have to break the bank. If you or someone you know enjoy interior design, consider having them do your decorations in place of a gift. You can also create your own decorations with your friends — it can be very special to look around the room and see that you’re surrounded by the handiwork of your loved ones. Choose the theme, colors, and style of decorations you want and make purchases according to your budget.

3. Handle your own photography and videography.


A picture may be worth 1000 words, but photos and videos of you and your love exchanging vows are priceless. According to Wedding Wire, couples spend more than $2000 on photography and an estimated $1,800 on videography, on average. Instead of spending money on vendor fees for services, photograph and video your wedding ceremony yourself.

With the right equipment, you can do your own photography and videography with no problems. Look into companies — BorrowLenses is a great one to start with — that allow you to rent camera lenses and cameras that professionals use. This company enables customers to rent professional cameras, lenses, and equipment from major brands and manufacturers such as Sony, Canon, and Nikon; people can also rent equipment from third parties like Zeiss and Sigma. Rentals with BorrowLenses provide couples with high-quality equipment for the best prices, enabling them to photograph and video the memories they make at their big event.

4. Opt for a DJ instead of a band.


While it may seem like more fun to have a live band, the truth is that it may not be worth the extra cost. Live music will always be more expensive — just think of paying the fee for each musician to perform, plus the extra amplification gear and travel costs. If you opt for a DJ you’ll be getting a better deal — and you’ll actually be getting a better party as well. A good wedding DJ knows how to raise the roof and will always play your and your love’s favorites tunes. They won’t be focused on playing their instruments. Instead, a professional DJ will be thinking about how to make this the best party you’ve ever attended.

If you’re in the Montana area, look no further than RMD DJs for the best wedding DJ service Billings MT. This wedding DJ company allows brides and grooms to personalize the music that plays at their special event, creating an atmosphere that’s unique to them and entertaining for guests at a reasonable price. As an integral part of the wedding industry in Montana for many years, they have plenty of experience meeting the needs of couples so you cane sure you’ll be dancing the night away with the love of your life.

5. Consider having a dress made.


The price tag on most wedding dresses can be over $1000. At least. One way to get a steal on a dress is to have one made. A money-saving idea for brides is to sew their wedding dresses if they can or find a seamstress to do the job. In some cases, depending on the seamstress, brides may only have to pay a few hundred dollars to cover the costs of materials and time rather than spend thousands. Another trick is to go shopping for a white dress that isn’t technically defined as a bridal gown. Just see what’s out there — you may end up spending a few hundred dollars instead of the thousands and end up with your dream gown just the same.

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