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5 Best Shoot Locations in Birmingham, Alabama

Looking for the perfect Instagram pic? Just upgraded to the newest iPhone, tablet, or iPad and want to take some snazzy new photos? Ready for a road trip to one of the nation’s most underrated cities? You should be looking into visiting Birmingham, Alabama. From a long, storied history to some vibrant modern culture, there’s no shortage of sights to capture with your iPhone.

The Mural of Hope

If you want to take some stunning photos at an affordable price, what better way than my choosing a favorite, free outdoor spot? The Mural of Hope honors the Hope for Autumn Foundation which supports families that are battling childhood cancer. It’s located on the side of the Good People Brewing Co. so whether you’re wielding an iPod, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel, you’ll be able to snap some shots of your beer afterward as well.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

If you’re a nature lover, this one’s for you. The botanical gardens are full of lush greenery and beautiful plants. A photographer’s favorite is the archway of the Japanese Gardens. It’s the perfect place to snap some internet-breaking selfies. Just be careful around some of the water. Getting water damage means you’ll have to look up local repair technicians or even iPhone repairs in Birmingham. Who wants to deal with iPhone repairs on vacation, especially if you’re out of your warranty?

The Atomic Bar & Lounge

This place is an art addict’s dream come true and if you love color, you might just need CPR when you walk in. The space is filled to the brim with Warhol-esque portraits of Birmingham locals and it relies on a retro-hip vibe full of fun, colorful decorations. Your iPhone screen might not even be able to handle all of the colors flying at it when you snap some shots. It’s a great place to learn more about the culture of the city itself and get to know a couple of regulars. You never know what you might end up learning at the Atomic Bar & Lounge.

Railroad Park

Get ready to do some walking and exploring because Railroad Park is one of the best spots to get a clear view of the Birmingham skyline. Keep your finger on your home button so you can switch your cell phone screen to your camera at a moment’s notice. You never know exactly what you might find in the park. From waterfront sites to family-friendly playgrounds, there’s no shortage of things to do at Railroad Park. Cute Instagram idea: Pack a picnic and make a day of it. You could use the relaxation.

The Light Rails

Who would’ve thought that a railroad underground could be so exciting? If you’re using the crisp camera on your iPod or other Apple devices, you’re in for a treat. This spot is often called one of Birmingham’s “must-see” attractions. It contains 16 different LED lights that all change colors at different speeds. It’s a little surreal, to say the least. This rainbow walkway is sure to attract a lot of activity on your feed and is great for location shoots or some fun, funky selfies. A word to the wise: It can get crowded so you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of the slower times during the day.

Birmingham, Alabama is a stunning city that is well worth a view from your photography lens. Whether you’re shooting on your phone or are taking photos with a camera, it’s a beautiful metro that has countless sights to see. This list doesn’t even start to cover how many stunning spots are just waiting to be discovered. Get out there and start snapping photos.

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