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5 Benefits of Online Therapy

While mistaken beliefs about mental health and associated illnesses led to the stigma around therapy in the past, greater awareness about mental health in general and the positive effects of treatment have led to a more positive outlook in recent years. It wouldn’t be accurate to say there’s no longer any discrimination regarding mental health, but therapy and other forms of treatment are more publicly supported, and there are ways to combat stigma.

Therapy isn’t just meant for those with mental health issues, of course. Many people are hesitant about trying therapy for the first time because they feel like there’s nothing necessarily “wrong” with them, or they don’t have specific needs for it. In reality, therapy is for everyone, and there are benefits ranging from learning to deal with everyday anxiety to identifying negative behavior patterns and changing them. If you don’t have a therapist’s office nearby or the time to drive to appointments, that doesn’t have to stop you. Online therapy can be a great alternative for those who can’t make in-person sessions, and it can even offer some advantages over traditional therapy. Here are some of the biggest reasons online therapy sessions are worth considering.


One of the greatest advantages of online therapy services is that they’re available to anyone with a good internet connection. This makes online therapy a great option for those with physical limitations or who are bound to their home. E-therapy is also available to clients living in remote locations who have no other options for mental health care. Teletherapy uses secure technology to connect you with the right therapist, and all systems are HIPPA compliant.


Skeptics might worry about the effectiveness of online therapy compared to its conventional counterpart, but online sessions can be just as effective when supported by experienced mental health professionals. A Dalhousie University study on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) compared the results of online and in-person therapy sessions to treat anxiety disorders and found both approaches to be equally effective. CBT frequently involves the client slowly changing their behaviors over time to achieve desired results and can be effective in treating things like anxiety disorders or traumatic stress disorder.


Naturally, online therapy offers the ultimate convenience. Sessions can be made to fit your schedule, and changing plans can be as simple as sending a text message. Your provider may even offer a mobile app with additional resources. Online therapy programs can use live chat or other online communication to eliminate commutes, and some options may not even require appointments.

You could even go on a long vacation without having to worry about missing or rescheduling therapy sessions. Embark on a spur of the moment getaway and take surfing lessons in Honolulu, HI. You can have a great time on your surf break knowing that you’ll continue to make progress with your therapy sessions when you return.


The costs of face-to-face therapy can keep many people who would otherwise benefit away. Online therapy can be an affordable alternative, especially if you aren’t covered by health insurance. Instead of paying for individual sessions, you can use therapy mobile apps to pay for a week at a time. This often includes unlimited messages with an online therapist. Alternatively, you can opt to buy individual online sessions, potentially at a lower rate than conventional meetings.


While there’s really no reason to be ashamed of seeking therapy, online therapy programs can be good for those who are concerned about confidentiality. They may not want to give out personally identifiable information, or they might not want friends and family to find out about their sessions. Text therapy can be discreet and may require nothing more than a payment method and email address, so clients know their concerns and sessions stay private.

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