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3 Types of Sugar Daddies You’ll Meet When You Become a Sugar Baby

  You may have just graduated from college with massive student loans or been let go from your job. You’re broke, lonely, and wondering how you are going to make it through to next month. Many believe that a sugar...
  You may have just graduated from college with massive student loans or been let go from your job. You’re broke, lonely, and wondering how you are going to make it through to next month. Many believe that a sugar daddy is when a rich older man will spoil a sugar baby with lavish gifts in return for company or sexual favors. Depending on the terms of the agreement a sugar baby can expect a different set of rules but if you are looking for companionship this may be a really good option for you. There are a bunch of different men and a plenty of variety, too. But, for the most part, there will be some staple sugar daddy’s you can count on meeting. Here are a few archetypes you can expect.

1. The John

A ‘John’ is the type of man who is only in the relationship for sex and a lot of it. In the beginning, you may receive some sweet messages from him but eventually, he will be all about business and move straight to the talk of sexual relations. Depending on your personality, it may not feel totally right to you. This older man is really just looking for his own, casual prostitute. The ‘John’ will ask you what type of toys you are into and if you have tried any. Be prepared to be complimented on your breasts rather than your sweet smile. Also, you should be prepared to meet in a hotel. If you are lucky he will invite you to his place. Usually, when dealing with a ‘John’ he will want to give you an allowance based on each meeting, not a monthly stipend. Basically, you will want to steer clear of this type of sugar daddy, unless you are just looking to have sex as well.

2) The Soul Searcher

A word of warning — this gentleman is usually dealing with some kind of difficult life change. He will be trying to escape from the daily grind of his sad life and will be looking to you to make it all better. If you have a great ear and enjoy handing out positive affirmations, this may be the older guy for you. Most often than not this older man is going through a divorce or possibly a custody battle. This daddy will be more apt to develop an actual friendship since he will confide many secrets to you. Sometimes all they want is a once a week coffee date. All this man is looking for is someone to listen to what he has to say and hears him. Dates with this sugar daddy will mostly be light-hearted and ways for him to escape his issues. But remember, this is not a time to vent your own issues since this is still a business meeting for all intents and purposes. Do your best to keep his mind distracted and you will usually be rewarded generously.

3) The Wanderer

The final type of sugar daddy you are most likely to come across in the wander, the man who just wants a travel buddy to take on amazing vacations. Much like the sensitive sugar daddy from above, the wanderer is also looking for some sort of escape and works a lot. Most of the time he is lonely since his job takes him far from his home and often. Boredom has set in and he wants to make his life a little more exciting. The idea of having a hot piece of arm candy is very appealing to him. The Wanderer will almost always choose a casual arrangement than a serious relationship. Men like the wanderer most likely have big pockets so you will be treated to the VIP experience every time. If you get lucky, they are usually businessmen who have to work during the day, so if you ask nicely you may just get a whole day to enjoy the spa or time to yourself.

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