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3 Reasons to Consider Cremation

While you may have found yourself attending a funeral followed by a burial at a nearby cemetery, cremation has become the more viable option for some. Whether it is for loved ones who want peace of mind or families...

While you may have found yourself attending a funeral followed by a burial at a nearby cemetery, cremation has become the more viable option for some. Whether it is for loved ones who want peace of mind or families trying to save on the cost of a cemetery plot, there’s a reason that some are taking solace in cremation has the better solution to bid farewell to those who have left this earth.

1. Cost and Flexibility


You and your family members may find yourselves searching the internet for “cremation services near me” upon the passing of a loved one, as these cremation services can actually be one-third (or less) of the cost of a traditional burial. Traditional ceremonies require a casket, embalming of the deceased, a burial plot, and that’s on top of other expenses that come with a funeral home.

There’s also choosing the final outfit for the dearly departed, or considering a gel manicure and other accessories to remember your loved one as you knew them best during an open casket or wake. Cremation simplifies the choices a family would be required to make for a traditional funeral service at what is already a difficult time for you all. These funeral services can be costly, and at a time of mourning, it may be difficult to weigh the financial options to cover the cost. A spouse or child of the deceased may be eligible for something like a lump-sum death payment from Social Security benefits. The cremation process can let loved ones evaluate available finances like retirement accounts and Roth IRAs, and operate on their time.

Beyond budget concerns and rushing for withdrawal from your savings account to cover these costs, there is an emotional difficulty that comes with carrying out the logistics for a memorial service. Whether it is restrictions brought on by the pandemic or families living miles apart, cremation offers portability and greater flexibility in funeral services. A crematory can perform the ritual with compassion immediately, and the service can be held at any time that works for everyone to get to honor a life well-lived.

2. Environmental Impact

In a time where eco-friendly ideologies are gaining more and more importance, crematories are being consulted about the environmental impact of their offerings. While there is criticism over the fossil fuels created, cremation is considered the more environmentally friendly option, compared to a standard burial, as fewer resources are being utilized. This includes land, as a burial plot for a place of death takes up more real estate than an urn after a simple cremation.

Cremations are actually evolving into greener options as well, with some facilities switching out standard embalming fluids like formaldehyde for chemicals that even require less use of energy than a standard process. The danger of mercury and certain emissions from crematoriums is a concern, but some venues are even looking for more cost-effective high temperature filters and metal abatement systems that can mitigate the problem.

While caskets are not needed for simple cremation, a rigid container is needed to go forward with the process. Non-toxic materials like wicker or recycled cardboard are considered more eco-friendly than splurging for a wooden coffin. It is not out of line to ask a crematorium about their carbon emissions to understand the greener nature of some venues compared to others.

3. Staying Connected with Family

The death of a family member can leave loved ones with piles of paperwork on their plate, from tax strategies to figuring out how to properly memorialize the dead. This can sometimes lead to rifts between people, feeling as though they were left out of an estate plan or didn’t get the chance to properly mourn the departed.

There’s also the logistics of a burial. Beyond trying to have loved ones fly from all over, some funeral homes opt for a more religious approach to services that some people may be uncomfortable with. In some cases, it may not even be the desire of the person who has passed on. That’s why simple cremation may be considered the more viable option for families to feel bonded to that loved one even after they have left this earth.

Loved ones may take solace in having that lost part of their life nearby, as cremated remains are kept often in an urn. One person may have some of the remains kept on their mantle, or they could be carrying out the instructions of the dead, scattering them over an area of particular meaning to them or their family and friends. This could in fact unite families greater in their memories of that particular person.

Overall, cremation is an option worth evaluating and is gaining more popularity than in previous years. Keep in mind, it can be established as a preferred choice through pre-planning measures through funeral homes and crematoriums to act in alignment with the final wishes of that beloved soul. Be sure that at the end of the day there is some form of final visitation to properly remember that special person.

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