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3 Ideas To Improve Your At-Home Style

Nearly a year into the pandemic, most of us have spent more time at home than ever. With the calendar year’s change, many homeowners are ready for a fresh new look, renovation, or something new at home. Whether you’re considering hiring a general contractor for a bathroom remodel or you’re thinking about a fresh paint job and new décor, you can start the new year in style. For three easy style makeover ideas for your home, read on.

1. Décor


Lots of us have been more isolated than ever since the pandemic. This is causing people to bring those scrapbooks out to remember times before social distancing and regulations around gatherings. Now, with just a few clicks of the mouse, you can bring those memories back to life in your home. Bring photos to the center of your world by turning them into something creative for your homes, like jigsaw puzzles or canvas works of art.

You can also turn family photos into pillowcases, blankets, lampshades, and more. A quick search of google for places like Shutterfly and Printify should help you out. Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by the people you love in style. Doesn’t it match your sense of décor? These ideas would make great gift ideas too.

2. Bigger Projects


For some, big style changes come in the form of renovations. Consider calling a kitchen and bath expert like CMK Construction even before you start any renovation project. They’ll be able to give you not only ideas but quotes too. This year, with many people planning to work from home, many homeowners are thinking about making new office spaces. If you’ve got a guest room you can’t use, it makes perfect sense to turn it into an office you’ll be able to work in peace in. Not working from home? A home office might be a great place for kids to get their online schoolwork done.

When considering style choices, homeowners and renters alike are options for themes. Whether it’s a room designed around a travel destination or one that hosts a focal wall with an inspiring quote, a quick scroll through Pinterest is bound to set you brainstorming new ideas.

3. Outdoor Spaces and Repurposing


Backyards have become the new public parks. People have spent shutdown time working to build decks and patios. If you’ve laid down the basics, it might be time to bring your backyard oasis up a notch. From outdoor furniture to fire pits and extra chairs for outdoor gatherings, 2021 will be another year for outdoor fun. This year, a stylish trend is outdoor lighting. From twinkling fairy lights in trees to solar lighting around picnic tables and outdoor grills, lighting is one way to set your yard apart. Even just a few accessories could make your backyard feel more like a luxury vacation spot with a little creative thinking and music to set the mood.

With an uncertain economy and a lack of supplies, many people are turning to the idea of repurposing as a way to give their house a new touch of style. Whether it’s turning old appliances into quirky bookshelves for the new office or winterizing indoor furniture for use outdoors, one stylish way to give your house a makeover is a few yards of fabric and a can of spray paint. After you’re done repainting the walls, consider some decoupage or other art on old furniture. Even a little dab of fresh color will go a long way in brightening your home.

How you style, your home is entirely up to you. From surrounding yourself in things that make you happy or items that represent goals, you can’t go wrong if you take the time to design a plan that suits you. Happy renovating, decorating, and designing to you!

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