3 Fun Activities for Music Lovers

There’s something about music that just resonates with people. Maybe it’s the way a certain song can make you feel nostalgic for a specific event from your past, or maybe it’s the way a catchy tune can get stuck...
There’s something about music that just resonates with people. Maybe it’s the way a certain song can make you feel nostalgic for a specific event from your past, or maybe it’s the way a catchy tune can get stuck in your head for days on end. No matter what it is, music is a huge part of many people’s lives. For music lovers, visiting famous music venues and learning about music history can be a really rewarding experience. By taking the time to learn about the origins of their favorite songs and the stories behind the artists, they can appreciate those songs on an even deeper level. If you need some ideas for your next day (or week!) off, keep reading for all the details on three fun activities for music lovers.

1. Take a trip and explore Mississippi’s famous music scene.


There are few things more culturally important than music in Mississippi. If you’re looking to take a trip where you can pack every day full of music-related activities and experiences, Mississippi is definitely the place you want to go. Your taste in music can help you plan your itinerary. If you’re a fan of the blues, you’ll want to visit the Crossroads of the Blues in Clarksdale. This is the place where blues legends like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, and Howlin’ Wolf got their start. Cap it all off by walking through the Delta Blues Museum to learn more about the history of the blues and see some of the iconic instruments and clothing of the blues musicians.

Gospel music fans will be excited to learn that you can visit the birthplace of gospel music in Mississippi. The Swan Silvertones, the Soul Stirrers, and the Dixie Hummingbirds all started in the Magnolia State. The Mount Helm Baptist Church in Itta Bena is where the Soul Stirrers debuted, and the Dixie Hummingbirds first performed at the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Lexington. Many people don’t know this, but although Mississippi Delta is home to the blues, country music also has roots there. The Grand Ole Opry started in Nashville, but many of the earliest country musicians got their start in Mississippi.

2. Plan a silent disco with your closest friends.


A Silent Disco is a party where people dance to music they listen to on their own headphones. It is a great way to throw a unique party that can be particularly appealing to anyone who loves music. Using silent party headphones to put on a quiet rave is likely to be a new experience for all of you. The best way to describe a Silent Disco is to imagine a party with a DJ, but instead of everyone listening to the DJ together, people are dancing to their own music. Since everyone is listening to different music, it creates a unique and eclectic vibe on the dance floor. Since you don’t have to worry about the noise levels, you can let loose and have an awesome time.

3. Pick up a new instrument and buy a few lessons.


As long as you don’t end up in the paper for being a lousy neighbor, picking up a new instrument is the perfect hobby for music aficionados. If you do live in an apartment building or close to your neighbor, it’s not a bad idea to consider investing in soundproofing for the room where you practice most often. You don’t need to replicate music studio quality insulation, but if you can keep your neighbor from screaming at you for practicing your scales after midnight, it would go a long way.

Believe it or not, playing an instrument has several valuable health and wellness benefits. Researchers say that learning to play a new musical instrument promotes cognitive function, mental health, and connection to others. From an emotional perspective, the experience of learning your new instrument can help you communicate more effectively with others, lessen anxiety, and decrease agitation.

No matter what type of music lover you are, it’s likely that at least one of these ideas has piqued your interest. If you’re passionate about music, there’s nothing better than using your free time to explore the real living history of some of the most popular musical styles and genres of all time. Additionally, musical tourism can be a great way to learn about different cultures and places that you’ve never been to before. Whether you want to have fun with your friends, pick up an instrument of your own, or even go on a road trip through history.

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