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2021 Salon Trends To Keep Up With

Opening up a salon can be a profitable venture that gives you the flexibility of your dreams and allows you to provide grooming and wellness services and pampering that will always be a necessity. Starting your business in an ideal...

Opening up a salon can be a profitable venture that gives you the flexibility of your dreams and allows you to provide grooming and wellness services and pampering that will always be a necessity. Starting your business in an ideal location, close to the city’s most popular retail areas, major intersections, shopping centers, and other amenities can make it easily accessible and boost your chances of generating success.

Suppose you’re opening a salon in a city filled with sunshine and beaches, such as Fort Lauderdale or another South Florida city. In that case, your establishment could be the go-to place for beach-goers or visitors looking for beauticians, stylists, and technicians to give them a spring or summer makeover. Drafting business plans and paperwork and consulting the best Fort Lauderdale movers to help you with relocating your belongings and furnishing your establishment can help you turn your fantasies of running a dream salon into a reality. Movers from a reputable professional moving company with years of experience handling residential and commercial short and long-distance moves and the technicians, barbers, and stylists you hire are some of the talented, dependable professionals that can help you get started. Plus, local movers will understand how to save you time in the city, because they’ll be familiar with the region.

Whether you’re opening up a business in Fort Lauderdale or New York, read on for trends to follow that can enable you to enjoy a thriving new business in the new year.

Design your salon so that it’s inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Furnishing your shop can be one of the most exciting parts of owning it. The decorating process gives you the chance to demonstrate the imagination and creativity you put into your brand and the services you plan on providing.


Get the best styling tools, shampoo bowls, dryers, hand dryers, mirrors, hair styling tools, durable salon chairs, and barber chairs from a brand with a reputation of providing a highly rated barber chair or two to a barbershop or beauty parlor. Purchasing next-level, high-quality barber’s chairs and tools from a well-respected brand is crucial for your customers’ comfort. Plus, organizing such vital equipment in a way that encourages staff productivity and the comfort levels of staff and clients can be beneficial to the success of your shop. Happy employees who are working with a professional barber chair, the kind that has a heavy-duty hydraulic pump to adjust the height, will do a great job every day of the week. Including attractive finishing touches such as speakers and music, televisions, artwork, and plants can make your hair and barbershop more inviting to prospective clients.

Make your salon an environmentally friendly space.

recent study investigating corporate social responsibility concluded that customers felt 92 percent more likely to trust a business that followed eco-friendly and socially conscious practices. Many customers want to know if the products they buy and the companies they support are right for them and beneficial for the environment. Some people may be against makeup and hair products from brands that test on animals, so be sure to research what you use in your establishment. Consider making it a point to use eco-friendly sources for your materials and products.

Create an online presence for your salon.


Widely used social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat, can influence trends, so consider building your salon’s presence and visibility on these platforms. Many social media users may want to receive the hairstyling and makeup that they view on these platforms and see influencers discuss. Opening a social media account for your business, posting images and videos of the work you, your stylists, and your barbers do, and getting involved with influencers and beauty gurus is a trend that can attract more clients and enable you to stay competitive.

Utilize technology that’s convenient for customers and your business.

Many people worldwide use the Internet for professional, academic, recreational, and personal reasons, and the reliance on this tool is experiencing growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Utilizing the convenience of the internet and digital platforms can increase the efficiency of your business. A platform that your customers can easily navigate to book appointments can streamline your salon’s functions and reduce in-person wait times. With an online booking platform, clients can book an appointment for a date and time that works for them or reschedule visits when sudden changes occur, rather than having to call every time they have to rearrange their schedule.

A salon that utilizes efficient technology, provides a welcoming atmosphere, excellent service, and great experiences for customers, and follows trends that reflect customers’ wants can drive repeat business. Encouraging repeat business is crucial, considering many shops may not be operating due to the COVID-19 health crisis and yours could become their go-to place.

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