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10 Tips for Hitting Your Fitness Goals in 2021

Did you have a long list of fitness goals that you failed to meet last year? Fitness goals are important to people in the United States, so much so that one in three people said they would give up sex for...

Did you have a long list of fitness goals that you failed to meet last year? Fitness goals are important to people in the United States, so much so that one in three people said they would give up sex for them! As important as they may be, not everyone gets the best results from their yearly fitness resolutions.

It’s easy to think every year will be the year that you take your fitness routine to the next level, but it’s much harder to stick to your plan. If you want to save yourself from another year of failed fitness goals in 2021, consider what you’re doing to keep yourself from them in the first place.

Do you have the right routine, a set schedule, and the right gear? Consider getting breathable fabric for your fitness attire, lotions for your post-exercise recovery routine, and a private trainer to keep you motivated. If you’re making your list of goals for next year, here are a few ways to ensure you stick to each one.

1. Get comfortable workout gear.


Before you start shopping for those cute leggings and the fancy sneakers advertised by professional runners, consider what fitness gear is the right choice for you. Do some research about fabric like polyester, spandex, and cotton, and pick proper clothing for the type of exercise you’re doing.

Consider things like breathability, the right fit, and comfort. If you’re engaging in outdoor activities during the winter months, you will need layers of fabric that are made with lightweight, breathable material but can also keep you warm. Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke, fitness gear also includes masks, so don’t forget to pick the right one. If you’re still exercising at the gym, follow Covid-19 guidelines set by the CDC, like social distancing and wearing a neck gaiter or face mask.

Picking the right face cover for your routine may not seem important, but it is. If you prefer a cloth mask, remember that cotton is the best face mask in most fitness situations. It’s especially important to pick a breathable mask for running or working out on the treadmill. Even if you’re on an outdoor run around the block, cloth face coverings are a great option.

2. Sign up for a fun workout.


It won’t be easy meeting your fitness goals if your exercise routine is a tedious task that you dread every day. If you make it fun, it will be easier to look forward to it. Instead of getting a private instructor at the gym, consider alternative exercises. Pick outdoor activities like cycling or running. Or try fun adventure sports like surfing, rock climbing, or hiking. You can consider taking stand up paddle boarding lessons or learning a new dance routine.

3. Focus on post-workout recovery.

Working out every day may seem like a good idea, but your body needs enough time to recover from the exercise. Taking care of your sore muscles is the best way to encourage muscle recovery and prevent joint pain and chronic pain issues after your routine. You can do this with cool-down stretching, taking a shower with cold water to ease muscle stiffness, and adding more protein to your nutrition plan.

For immediate pain relief, consider balms, topical creams, and lotions to alleviate muscle and joint pain. You can also try essential oils, coconut oil, shea butter lotions, or CBD topicals and CBD products like tinctures and CBD oil cream. Topical creams and lotions made from the cannabis plant may help ease muscle soreness and boost recovery.

Since they have a natural list of ingredients derived from the hemp plant, CBD oils and lotions are also a great way to avoid over-the-counter muscle-anti-inflammatory medications.

Always consult your doctor or health professional first before you purchase any of these products in order to be aware of any possible side effects.

4. Find a good workout buddy.

Do you get bored quickly and wish you had some entertainment while you exercise? Do you have a hard time motivating yourself to stick to the same routine every day of the week? Most people stick to an exercise routine if they have someone to hold them accountable for it.

Try to make this fun by enrolling in a new outdoor activity with a friend, making your fitness goals part of a challenge, and trying to involve loved ones in your fitness plans. You can make outdoor exercise a fun family activity or a challenging duel between friends. Remember that the more attractive you make it, the more likely you will stick to your goals this year.

5. Remember to pick a safe space.


Sticking to your fitness goals used to be all about exercise routines, breathable fabrics, and private instructors, but in 2021 you have to think about more than that. Since there’s no way to know how long the coronavirus pandemic will continue, it’s crucial to think about social distance rules, face-covering requirements, and safe spaces for exercise.

You may think that outdoor activities are immediately safe, and you have a good reason to do so. Outdoor exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling are the best way to stay safe. You still need to be cautious, so even if you’re on a bike ride, wear a face mask and social distance from other cyclists. Consider avoiding crowded areas if you’re a runner and wear a face mask if you run into pedestrians.

Also, ensure that the space you pick for your routine is a safe one. If there have been cases at your gym, consider it an affected area and avoid visiting it. If you must visit a gym, make sure they’re following Covid-19 safety guidelines, and use a disposable mask to prevent bringing any germs back home with you.

6. Get help for problem areas.

Is this your first time trying to stick to a list of fitness goals? If so, you will need a little help. Consider hiring a private instructor to help form your exercise plan. It will help you avoid any injuries and hold you accountable to a fitness plan. An instructor may also guarantee results regardless of your skill level, which can target any problem areas you think you have.

7. Don’t say no to rewards.

Fitness doesn’t have to be a painful, stressful part of your life. Apart from making it fun with outdoor activities, staying safe, and giving yourself regular breaks, also remember to reward yourself occasionally. If there’s something to look forward to, there’s a better chance you will stick to your goals.

Treat yourself to your favorite food or a cup of caffeine if you’ve successfully avoided sugar and caffeine all week. Take yourself to a spa if you’ve spent all week training with your instructor. Reward yourself for every milestone, including small ones like sticking to the goal for a particular amount of days, trying a new routine, or increasing your skill level.

8. Spend time on your mindset.

The proper technique, a good instructor, lightweight clothing, and focusing on CDC guidelines before you exercise—these are all a great way to meet your fitness goals. While you focus on your physical fitness, don’t forget about your mental state. There are several health benefits to caring for your mental health, and it will also help with your physical health. Your mindset plays a large role in keeping you motivated and inspired to stick to a routine every day of the week. So, the more you focus on a positive, healthy mindset, the more you can focus on keeping your body in shape.

9. Stick to a schedule.


It’s easy to start your exercise routine with enthusiasm and then slowly lose focus. Work commitments, social engagements, sore joints—you can find many reasons to skip your workout for the day. Whether this is your first time attempting to exercise or you’ve started and stopped a routine several times, a fixed schedule will give you the best chance of success.

Remember to maintain a good sleep schedule since that will keep issues like sleep-deprivation related joint pain at bay. Another good idea to consider is to have a backup plan for your exercise regime. This way, if you can’t make it to the gym, your private lessons get canceled, or you have other commitments, you can still sneak a quick routine in so you don’t lose your momentum.

10. Give yourself a break.


A strict exercise regime can be beneficial, but try to avoid overexercising. If it’s your first time exercising, stick to the basics for a while till you get the hang of things. Overexerting yourself may damage your joints, cause inflammation, joint pain, sleep issues, and health problems. To avoid chronic pain and health issues, giving yourself a few rest days every week is the best option.

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