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10 Reasons Why You Must Drink Water Every Day

It’s summertime, and honestly, the living is anything but easy. With rising temperatures and excessive heat waves, we’re all wondering how to stay cool. One thing is for certain: we can’t drink enough water! For good reason too: there are so many benefits to drinking water. Let’s go over a few reasons that water is so essential.

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1. Decreases Risk of Injury

If you enjoy a good workout, you know how essential it is to stay hydrated. Drinking water regularly will help you combat common gym injuries, such as knee injuries, shoulder injuries, hamstring injuries, groin pull, and other related sports injuries.

How are you going to hit your fitness goals if you’re letting workout injuries slow you down? With plenty of water (and plenty of time to stretch), your chances of going to physical therapy for a common injury will decrease greatly.

2. Improves Your Joints

An important factor needed to complete a good workout is to make sure your joints are well. Let’s look at a runner for example; a runner’s knee is no fun to deal with. Additionally, all that constant motion can cause sores in your hamstring. By incorporating a warm-up routine that includes frequent water, you’re likely to avoid muscle strains (particularly knee pain, in a runner’s case).

3. Helps Keep Your Body Cool

Summer is officially here, and cities everywhere across the United States are experiencing major heat waves. Even though it may be burning up outside, that doesn’t mean your body temperature has to soar through the roof too. Drinking water will help keep your body temperature at an appropriate level; this is especially helpful if you’re experiencing a summer fever.

4. Produces Saliva

Who would have thought spit would ever be this important? Saliva plays a huge role in our overall health. Not only does saliva helps us digest our food, but it also keeps our facial features (such as eyes, mouth, and nose) nice and clean. A clean mouth is definitely a healthy mouth!

5. Improves Digestive System

Your digestive system is always working hard to break down the essential nutrients that your body needs to function. However, that doesn’t mean digesting food itself is always easy-peasy. Water intake helps break down any food you consume so that the nutrients can be more easily absorbed.

6. Improves Urinary System

Your urinary system is responsible for cleaning your body all of the gross waste and fluids it produces. It’s important that this waste is removed because build-up can lead to urinary infections (which can be pretty painful!). Water helps make this waste removal go a lot smoother for your urinary system.

7. Helps Improve Skin Health

Dehydrated skin can lead to extreme dryness, irritation, and related skin conditions that are overall unpleasant to deal with. Water helps keep your skin hydrated; paired with a great moisturizer, your skin is set to stay cool and smooth all summer.

8. Helps With Weight Loss

A great way to obtain your ideal weight loss is to switch out water for other sugary or sweetened drinks. Plus, if you make water the first thing you consume during a meal, it’ll give you a “full” sensation that can help prevent you from eating an excessive load.

9. Delivers Oxygen

Where would your body be without oxygen? Water helps distribute oxygen throughout your entire body, ensuring that your various body parts have plenty of access to air.

10. Helps Prevent Hangovers

If you’re looking forward to a night out drinking, don’t forget to down a couple of glasses of water first. Staying hydrated while drinking alcohol will help alleviate any hangover pains that may occur the next day.

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